Contra Relógio Reviews the RunAmoc

Contra Reolgio Cover

The Brazilian based running magazine, Contra Relogic, did a review of minimal running shoes including the RunAmoc LITE. Luckily Elf Val comes from Brazil so could translate the Portuguese for us! According to Val, the feedback was very positive and once the reviewer got over how the shoes look (he said they look like something Shrek the Ogre would wear!) he found them very comfortable and functional.



  1. Congrats on another stellar review! And we could do worse than adopting the style of shoes that medieval ogres wore, imaginary or not; they sure didn't suffer bunions and weak ankles while trying to pillage and/or rescue (depending on the fairy tale!).
  2. The correct magazine name is "Contra Relógio" (not Relogic). It means "against the clock".
  3. Lucindo-You are absolutely correct!! Thanks for catching our typo...
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