Stretchy Elves

Last week we invited Jane, a massage therapist, to come in to talk about how to keep our bodies healthy and limber when we are making all those fantastic shoes. It's pretty easy to get locked in one position and start to feel pain when sewing... Who would want that sort of bad vibe in their shoe?

Jane went over some basic stretches to get the blood moving and then she went into some deeper tissue massages to relieve pain that can build up in the arms and shoulders. She also brought a couple of tennis balls in socks that you can use to massage sore spots on your back... WOW! They really do the trick!

We really enjoyed her visit and are much more aware of how we are using our bodies. Hopefully our new and improved stretchiness will result in happier shoes for your feet.

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  1. I wonder if making shoes is anything like making food -- the expression "Don't cook angry" comes to mind because it all comes out in the food. Perhaps it's the same with shoes: don't sew tense!
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