Oprah Magazine features RunAmocs

The November issue of The Oprah Magazine is now out. The "Adam Says" feature on page 90 introduces the concept of barefoot running. One of the minimal running shoes pictured is a custom Soft Star RunAmoc in lime green and ultra blue. When asked for samples, the Elves included custom pairs for both Oprah and Gayle... hopefully they have given them test runs, as well!


  1. What combo of colors did you use for the Run Amocs in the Oprah article? Pretty snazzy looking but I can't figure it out.
  2. I bought this issue of Oprah for my mom and I ended up looking through it. Thank goodness I did because it brought me here to your website. I'm going to be purchasing a pair soon. I just can't decide what colors I want to use when designing my own. I wish you had examples of other shoes and colors or maybe you do and I have not looked across the entire sight. I'll keep looking.
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