Boots on the Beach

Boots on the Beach

Did you know that Ugg boots were made popular in the 80's by Australian surfers? They are great at warming your feet after hours in the ocean. I shouldn't have been surprised to learn that the friends and children of one of our favorite customers (professional photographers Ted and Debbie) use our Soft Star Phoenix sheepskin boots when surfing.

Boots on the BeachBeing raised in the Midwest, I must admit I was still surprised as I've always considered Soft Star boots for snow and slush. Surfing is still (in my mind) a cool and exotic sport - so I really enjoyed these photos and had to share - enjoy!

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  1. christel
    i would really appreceate i the brown boots will be available in brown again!!! I like them so much but i can't order them because they're nog available anymore.. I like them way better tham black..

    with love,
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