SCRAP-ing our leather


This past Saturday I dropped off our first leather donation to the SCRAP organization in Portland. They were excited to get the leather and sheepskin scraps and I was thrilled to give it to them. They said leather is always a popular material with the teachers and artists that make up much of the SCRAP clientele.

SCRAP was started in 1998 by teachers that couldn't bear to throw out good art supplies at the end of the school year. they found a way to store the supplies and then made them available to other teachers for new projects.

Eventually they began to solicit materials from businesses. In 2008 they helped divert more than 65,000 pounds of materials that would normal be landfill bound. Since the materials for sale are all donations, every trip there finds different and interesting items.

When dropping off the leather, I took a quick peek at the what was available and couldn't help but buy these beautiful photograph note cards for ten cents each! And the most interesting item I saw as OPP... Other Peoples Pictures... boxes of old photographs. For some reason I suddenly felt like making a collage.

If you are in the Portland area, it's definitely a fun place to stop and browse. Or visit them on-line at to find out more about what they do.

And if you are a crafter who would love to get your hands on leather scraps but you don't live in Portland, don't despair! We will continue to sell leather scraps online for the price of shipping. Please contact us if you are interested in larger quantities.


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  1. SCRAP has one of biggest events of the year coming up- Rebel Craft Rumble! May 20th at Imago Theatre- it's a rowdy craft competition with donated Lompoc beer. All proceeds to SCRAP. Learn more:
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