The Elves want to go green(er)!

This week we had Julie from Allied Waste come talk to us about recycling. Julie was impressed with our shop... everything from using reusable cups/plates to us sorting our recycling. We had a handful of items we asked her about... can colored paper go in 'office' recycling? Or should it go in co-mingled? (It can go in 'office' if it's lighter than 'golden rod' color.) We also talked to her about our two biggest trash/recycling challenges... soling and leather scrap.

Two ideas for the soling scrap were around recycling. The first was taking our scrap material to the tire recycling plant in Salem. The second idea was getting in on Nike's shoe recycling program. Even though it would be better if there was a way to reuse the scrap soling material, we would LOVE to begin recycling so that we aren't throwing it away.

For the scrap leather, Julie suggested the SCRAP organization in Portland. This group collects 'throw away' office and schools supplies from teachers and businesses and makes the materails available for other teachers and artists to purchase at LOW prices. The scrap material can then be used for class room projects and art work. We are hoping they will see some potential artistic value in our leather scraps! (And don't forget, you can purchase scrap leather on our site.)

We are very fortunate to live in a community where recycling is valued and encouraged. It was great to have Julie come in and spend a little time with us. Over the next couple weeks we'll be following up on the leads she gave us and, if all goes well, we'll soon be requesting a smaller trash can!

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