New Design for My Cozy Valentine!

The Elves are busy working on our new 2010 styles - and one of our favorites is this fully lined sheepskin slipper - mmmmmmmmmm! Same great sheepskin sole as all our moccasins, but genuine sheepskin lined uppers and cuff, as well.

The other difference is there is no elastic cuff on this slipper - you slide it on and off you go! (Or off the couch with a good book - that is the mood they are inspiring right now)

Below is another photo in our in-stock color: chocolate brown with a stony-tip cuff. We do not have a name yet for this newest style but would appreciate suggestions for either this slipper or the new minimal running shoe we are working on. Send you your creative ideas! And if you like the idea of these red slippers for your Valentine - please give us a ring on Monday as it is not available yet on our website. Have a great weekend!


  1. You could call the slipper the Aluta - it means soft leather or shoe in Latin (or purse, but that part doesn't have to matter - the other two are perfect!) And the running shoe could be called the Vuelo or something (Spanish this time, for fly - like the logo of track shoes with wings on them?) Just some ideas with a language theme. You could always use someone's name too, since you all seem to have such cool names! P.S. Any chance an adult mary jane is in that new 2010 lineup? I've been praying for it! The new slippers look amazingly comfortable too. Maybe this is a P.P.S. but I wondered why some of the new styles have the seam down the middle in front. Just curious, but maybe it's a trade secret and curiosity killed the cat! Anyways, awesome looking shoes, as always!
  2. Thanks Lisa - ! Love the name ideas... hmmmmm....! We just might end up using those... although run-a-moc has been the current favorite for the running shoe... but not sure everyone gets the "moc" vs. "mok".Alas, we do not have an adult Mary Jane in the works for this spring... but we keep getting a lot of requests for it, so I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up next spring. I understand - I want a pair, too!Funny you asked about the center seam... some people love it, others not so much. Our 2010 adult Ramblers will have NO seam, just to mix it up. The boots have the seam to make a roomier toebox so there is room for all the sheepskin fluff and for toes to wiggle. One last note - when you can use smaller pieces of leather (such as two front pieces with a seam, opposed to one big piece) you can utilize more of the leather hides - and we are always conscious of this precious resource.
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