All the Hype...

We have noticed... and shared... a lot of information lately about barefoot running. It seems this topic has really taken off in the general media. I just did a quick search on 'barefoot running news' and found that CBS News, ABC News, and WebMD have all posted articles on barefoot running in the last couple days. And that is not to mention the NPR article: Humans were Born to Run Barefoot that several friends forwarded to us this week. (By the way, this article has a great video showing how differently people run with and without shoes. You can see some of the difference in the above photos.)

We were a little hesitant to forward this informative NPR article along as it seems "barefoot" is all we are sharing these days. But then we decided it is important to take advantage of the buzz out there when it is something we believe. We really think spending as much time barefoot as possible, especially when feet are growing and developing, is important for your overall health. And when you can't be barefoot, you should wear minimal shoes that are barefoot-like in design.

So while it may seem we are 'bandwagoning' all the media hype about the benefits of going unshod, just consider the driving factor behind all of our designs... to us barefoot-like design means no arch support, lightweight, and flexible. Sounds like a Soft Star shoe to me.

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