A Helicopter Landed on My Foot - Soft Star to the Rescue!

Here is our favorite customer story for the week, courtesy of Surya from San Diego, California:

"My dad had a helicopter land on his foot during his miltary service and has had problems ever since finding footwear in his size (size 12!) that make his feet feel good. His feet still trouble him, so his grandchildren, Olivia and Evan, would love for him to have a pair of Soft Star moccasins. Soft Star elves could make him mocs that would make his feet so happy. My dad was stationed in Germany during the Vietnam war where the Army trained him to be a helicopter mechanic. This is how a helicopter came to land on his foot. It was a malfunctioning helicopter, during a test flight, that landed on his foot. (I'm sure that some sort of safety regulations were being ignored here but that was not included in the story.) His foot was broken, but not crushed, and did heal but, his Army issue boots became the bane of the remainder of his service.
He was a good and loving father of 5 and now, at nearly 70 years old, is an involved and loving grandfather of nine. Thank you Soft Star for making his feet so happy with a pair of your elven-made mocs. Soft Star is so much more than shoes, it is shoes with love infused. :)"
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