Which comes first, the running or the fun?

Like the proverbial chicken and the egg, is it the barefoot running that makes people happy, or are naturally happy people the type to experiment with barefoot running?

Thanks to our friend Dalit for the heads up on this recent article in the New York Times: "Is Running Barefoot Better for You?". In a nutshell, the author, Gretchen Reynolds positions it as a trendy new fad which has little scientific basis for or against... but that it can be "a lot of fun".

Personally I enjoyed the reader comments - I was even inspired to leave my own insight that Soft Star Shoes customers tend to be very fun, positive people.... is it their happy feet that makes them this way, or are happy people just attracted to comfortable, barefoot-like shoes? Hmmmmm....

Photo credit: Paul Glamou / Getty Images from NY Times article Oct. 21, 2009.

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  1. I think individuals seeking happiness are likely to try barefoot running. Once they try, how long they last dictates if they're cynics, skeptics, pessimist or the "other" variety ;)Freeing the foot can add a lot to one's experience of the world. Some people just aren't patient enough to find out how...
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