He Just Won't Take Them Off!

As an owner of a shoe company, I often have people taking extra long looks at my kid's shoes. I try to always have nice Soft Stars on their feet. This was a problem when Kahlil was little as he always kicked his shoes off and ran around barefoot no matter the conditions... 100 degrees on hot concrete or 35 degrees on wet grass. Luckily he out grew this phase and is now a good model for our shoes.

But Langston (17 mos) has another problem. He gets attached... VERY attached! He has been wearing the same pair of mocs for months now and is busting out of them. I made him a super cute new pair, but he will have nothing to do with them. It's fine that he loves his old pair, but it's a little embarrassing when somebody looks down and sees his toes smashed at the end of his shoes. I'm not sure I would trust someone giving me tips on shoe fit when their child obviously is wearing a pair that are too small... and dirty... and... loved.

I guess I'll just have to grin and bare it. Who am I to say he cant love his Soft Stars until they fall off his feet?

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  1. Make them the same color and "weather" or "relic" them up a bit! haha, maybe he won't even notice!
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