Barefoot Running....errrr... Walking

Soft Star has a growing contingent of barefoot runners knocking on our workshop door looking for footwear. Who are barefoot runners, you ask? Athletes who run either completely barefoot, or with some type of minimal shoe. Check out Donald's blog entry titled "The Barefoot Revolution" for a great overview (see his 8/27 post). Donald is an ultra-marathoner and journalist who has decided to take the plunge and try barefoot running. Is footwear for barefoot runners an oxymoron? Again, see Donald's website for a great discussion of naked, minimalist and naturalist modes of the "barefoot" movement.

Over the last year I have had so many wonderful conversations with barefoot runners from all over the world that I have decided to take the plunge with Donald, as well.... kind of. As a Mommy of two who is pretty out of shape, it is going to be a long dive into barefoot walking, instead. (Alas, ultra-marathoner, I am not :-)

I already spend my working day in Soft Star mocs. (What a GREAT job I have!) Now I'm going to try and add morning workouts walking in my Soft Star mocs. I live in a rural area, so this means a combination of gravel roads, dirt paths and some asphalt. My goal is to do 2-3 miles three times a week. Why? I'm curious to see what it is all about. I LOVE our moccasins and am excited to try them in an "exercise" mode as so many of our customers already do. Besides, I'm trying to get motivated to get up earlier in the mornings and walk - so committing to this blog is one way to make sure it will happen. More later....

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  1. Moccasins are a fantastic choice for the barefoot culture Tricia. I have had many pairs over the years but find them very difficult to obtain them here in the UK. For me the barefoot lifestyle is about having healthy strong feet and being able to move naturally. I so love the Soft Star Moccasins - only just discovered the site via your post.
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