LED Lighting for the Workshop?

Today we started our trial of new LED lighting trial... and we are so far, pleasantly surprised! We swapped out the fluorescent tubes above our finishing table with 2 high power LED tubes, one "warm" and one "cool"... and the resulting work light was a bright natural color and incredibly bright work table.

LED lighting uses very little power in comparison to incandescent, fluorescent or halogen options. Living in one of the "greenest" little cities on earth, we are lucky to have a local distributor who specialize in high power LEDs. We had read that the LED technology is still too new, casting eery colors and very directional light... however the combination of the warm and cool LEDs in the same fixture eliminated the strange LED "look" and the lumens put off are much brighter than our traditional fluorescent lamp. If the trial works well we might replace our overhead lighting and reduce our annual power consumption by 50-70%.

Other great things? The LED lights we are looking at can burn for 100,000 hours -- which means it might be 60 years before we have to get up on the ladder and change a bulb. And, unlike currently available energy-saving bulbs, LEDs do not contain mercury so disposal is less damaging to the environment. (Not to mention that the LED will last 50-60 years vs. 18 months... a lot less "stuff" in the landfill.)

(Photo of Malcolm putting in new LED light over finishing table. Note older fluorescent lights in background)

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  1. Who makes these? Are they "bulb" replacements for your current flouro fixtures or complete new fixtures?Thanks,Matt
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