Soft Star Shoes - The Bottom Line

Author Bruce Wolk recently published his resource book directed to USA parents looking to purchase locally made products. Soft Star Shoes was featured as one of 400 companies in the book - which you can learn more about by clicking the photo to the left.

The current economic issues have led people from all countries look at economic and political stability more critically. In the USA, many Americans are questioning if our nation has become too vulnerable by outsourcing the majority of our manufacturing over the past 30 years. Some USA citizens are looking to purchase "Made in USA" products for political or patriotic reasons, others for environmental reasons, and still others for ethical / fair trade concerns. And then there are the myraid of other value considerations besides origin to consider. Price, service, quality, features, availability, social responsibility, and for me, the ability to personally connect (even electronically) with the person making or selling the item. Ultimately people will purchase a product for the value it provides, and the definition of value is as unique and personal as there are combinations of "Design Your Own Shoes".

Soft Star Shoes is featured in the book as we are one of a few children's shoe manufacturers in the USA, down from thousands in the 1960s. At Soft Star Shoes we make our shoes in our USA workshop not as an act of patriotism, but because we love what we do and enjoy handcrafting beautiful and healthy products. (Healthy for your feet and for the environment!)

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  1. I would love to know though that you do decide to work here in this blessed country because you ARE patriotic. I know what you mean though. I personally decided to start ordering your shoes years ago not because they are environmentally friendly, but because they ARE made in the U.S. by my fellow citizens. I hope your business continues to flourish! :)
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