Why not a little color?

When I open my closet I find one pair of white tennis shoes and scads of brown and black every other kind of footwear. If I was more fashion-forward, there may be more color in my closet. But I'm not and all the black and brown means my shoes "go with everything". That works for a mom on the go. But what about for kids?

I often help parents who are trying to decide what colors to choose for their children. Occasionally there is the daring parent who wants bright purple and fuchsia for their baby's moccasins or is ok when their preschooler chooses orange and green sandals. But more often than not, parents decide to go with tamer, gender neutral colors that "go with everything", i.e. versions of brown and black.

But why? I think a splash of color on kids feet is fun. So what if it doesn't match all their outfits? Who says your shoes have to match when you are 15 months old? People really enjoy seeing kids in shiny red shoes - it brightens their day and the kids LOVE showing off their eye catching kicks. Besides, once your kids hit about 12 years old, matching will be more important to them and colorful footwear will probably be a thing of the past. They will join the the ranks of the practical with closets full of brown and black shoes that "go with everything".

So if I'm helping you decide what color to chose for your babies first pair of little moccasins, don't be surprised if I suggest turquoise and red (like Langston's pair above). They may not match all her outfits, but people will notice them... and smile.

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