Soft Star Mocs can Improve your Gas Mileage!

Yes - really. Strange but true. "Hypermilers" are groups of people fiendishly devoted to improving their gas mileage - sometimes by 2X simply by changing their driving habits. NPR has a fun audio report you can listen to (click here) where passionate hypermileage devotees to all extremes of rolling through stop signs, avoiding hills, eschewing heat/air conditioning and installing miles-per-gallon meters that are constantly hyper-monitored as they roll along. One extremist, Kent J. of Maryland, even drives with no shoe on his accelerator foot so he can better sense the pedal pressure. Poor Kent could accomplish the same feat (no pun intended) by simply donning a pair of Soft Star mocs... great barefoot feel and "pedal sensing" ... which come winter in Maryland is going to be a BIT more practical! If anyone out there knows Kent, send him our way for a pair of free Soft Stars.

And if pedal-sensing extremism isn't for you- then your Soft Stars can certainly take you places comfortably on foot - the best solution around for high gas prices!

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