Soft Star in "Clothes with a Conscience"

Soft Star also showed up this month in the May issue of Scholastic's Parent and Child magazine. Their article on "Clothes with a Conscience" focused on eco-friendly kid attire and featured our both our leather and vegan moccasins. (for more press, click here) Article content talked about the importance of the entire value chain when looking at clothing - not just the end product. Local production reduces pollution generated from shipping raw materials to processors, to finishers, to packaging plants to retail stores around the world. It suggested looking for raw materials that are grown or processed using minimal chemicals that not only impact you, but the workers making the textiles.

Soft Star leather is all sourced from the USA and guarantees 100% formaldehyde free processing of its leather. Formaldehyde from tanning is used in more than 99% of all shoes imported into the U.S.A. and has an incredible negative impact on the health of tannery workers and downstream groundwater. We also make our shoes here in Oregon- one of the last two children's shoe manufacturers located in the USA, which is why we were selected for this issue.

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