Presidential Shoes! Obama, Clinton and ???

Oregon presidential primary elections have started! In Oregon we vote by mail - very cool. Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton are popping up all over the state - and the elves decided to make them each a pair of Soft Star sheepskin moccasins to have cozy feet on their campaign buses. Here is a size 13 for Senator Obama, and Hillary's are a size 10.5. (Getting the correct shoe sizes involved the use of ESS - "Elf Secret Service" agents). Most of the elf votes are splitting up between Clinton and Obama, but alas, we even have a rouge Republican elf (sigh...) who is threatening to design a pair for Senator McCain as well...


  1. Go Barack Go! I hope these are lucky shoes too. :) Very cool!
  2. You elf's are too cool! And I might add that it was nice of you to make a pair for Hillary to wear on her way out of the competition - tee-hee
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