The Elves Love the New Rambler!

The Elves Love the New Rambler!We elves have been busy again this season. We have come out with a couple new styles, including the Rambler. The Rambler is a cross between a moccasin and a shoe - it has the upper and sheepskin of a Soft Star moccasin, but is has a shoe sole. Depending on how you look at it, this makes the Rambler our most durable moccasin OR our softest, most comfortable shoe.

We have been testing the Rambler for the last several weeks and the Elves are in love with this shoe! In the picture we have children's size 5 up through an adult size 7. The little pair have been staying on a crawler/cruiser just like our moccasins while the large children sizes have been standing up to the abuse of our 2 and 4 year olds. As for the adult pair... I've been wearing them for almost two months now and they have been cozy and comfy through the Oregon winter. Over all we think they are a great addition to the Soft Star line up.

We would love to hear your questions or get your feedback on these great little shoes. You can order your in-stock pair here OR you can design your own here.

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  1. I hear it all the time, adults want soft star shoes for too for that matter. It's quite common for folks to say, upon seeing my kids adorable shoes, "I want a pair like that for me!" I'm pretty excited. Now, if you'd only make Mama a Mary Jane. I'd be all over that!
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