Happy Halloween from Leather Scrap Pile and Friends

Halloween is fun at the workshop as our downtown area is a popular trick-or-treating destination. This year we handed out over 100 bags of leather scraps to trick-or-treaters for craft projects - ornaments, cards, jewlery, bookmarks... How fitting that elf DeAnn (left) also decided to dress up as a "Scrap Pile". Bandmaster Tim was on the phone with a Soft Star customer for this photo.

Below is a photo of one of our favorite Trick-or-Treaters of the day - Atticus "The Buzzard" with my daughter Tivi. Atticus always dreams up the most creative "Design Your Own" moccasins for himself-- and apparently also has a great eye for designing Halloween costumes-- From millions of feathers, realistic wings, even down to the detail of having a Bison Skull as a candy bucket. He said to say that he was smiling for the photo-- even though you can't tell.

We are always happy to find homes for leather scraps if you have crafting projects of your own. Click here if interested.

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Happy Feet. Happy Fans.