The Coolest Customers

We feel pretty lucky at Soft Star. We get to make a product we really believe in and we have customers that appreciate what we do. And occasionally they make us beautiful art work.

Here is an e-mail exchange with one of our customers and the picture Sasha made of what elves look like - note the slippers in the sky.


Thank you so much for our recent shipment of Soft Star slippers (pink and black). My daughter loves them and has a question for you: how old are elves? She's five and a half and just curious...

-Kathy and Sasha

The Elves:
Hi Sasha,

Well, elves are ancient people. (At least they feel that way sometimes.) They are about the same age as Hobbits. We do have some elves that are about the same age as you. A couple that are a little older and a couple that are a little younger. The working elves are way older than you, but have about the same mentality as a 10 year old. If you have time, draw us a picture of what you think the elves look like. We're glad you like the mocs.

-Elf Tim

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