Back to Work with Baby!

Here we are trying to get back at work trying to get in the swing of things after a couple wonderful months of "babymooning". My son Cruz is nearly 4 months old and learning the ropes in the workshop, including snoozing through email time. Luckily the chair in the photo in is the old-fashioned kind with springs and we can just bounce our way into dreamland (well, Cruz, at least) although it makes simultaneous typing a bit challenging. Fortunately we have the kind of customers who not only are nice about babies fussing while I am on the phone with them, their kids often reciprocate :-).

As a side note- Larkin lent me the baby wrap in the photo (Moby wrap) and after winding me in 8 yards of daunting fabric, I have to say it is the BEST thing ever. LOVE it!

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