Saddle Shoes at Soft Star

Back in June we asked for your thoughts on Soft Star making a saddle shoe. The response was fantastic. THANK YOU for taking the time to tell us what you want from Soft Star. Based on your feedback, Soft Star is planning to introduce the saddle shoe this fall.

A few items that came up in your comments....

  1. Fringe is a love it or hate item. You were pretty equally divided on who thought the fringe makes the shoe and those that said they wouldn't buy with the fringe. This divide makes it hard to keep you all happy!!! We are look at options that give a little detail on the top of the shoe but aren't quite as 'cheeky' as the fringe.
  2. Many of you asked for closures other than laces. (Although one of you thought the laces would be a great learning experience for your child :-) Kahlil has been wearing the pair pictured here and the lace have been pretty easy to deal with... but we heard your request loud and clear. We are working on a Velcro version that will still be stylish while making it easier for little fingers to get them on.
  3. For those of you who had bad memories of being forced to wear stiff uncomfortable shoes, worry not! They will be saddle shoes, but they will be Soft Star's first. This means the leather will be soft and flexible and the sole will mold to the foot over time. Although we may be kicking up the fashion a notch, we will never give up on health footwear.

Thanks again for your feedback. We are really excited about the new style and hope you love it as much as we do!


  1. I am so looking forewod to these shoes.Virginia
  2. I love the new concept (not the fringe so much) and can't wait till you've got this line up ready to order!
  3. OH MY GOODNESS, I love the new cruz. I can't wait for fall, these are going to be a hit!
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