Local Children Turn Scraps Into Art

When Art Instructor Tonya Gaineystopped by looking for leather scraps - we had no idea what a treat she and her students had in store! Fifty-four students from local Corvallis-area schools poured their artistic energies into creating beautiful leather baskets like the one photographed here! The students participated from:

Tonya and her students wove in many local ingredients-- including Oregon native Myrtlewood bases donated by family-owned Myrtlewood Mystique Gallery in Philomath. (Fun store to check out :-). Students sculpted the beads to top off their baskets which were then baked and hardened. Beads were made in a variety of decorative shapes, animals (snakes, salmon, penguins, cats....) or objects of art to crown their basket. If you would like to see more of the baskets, click here and scroll through the photo gallery. Fantastic work by all students and kudos to Tonya Gainey for her enthusiasm and dedication!

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  1. david campt
    I found you from following my interest in leather mosiac art. I would like to explore some possibilities with you. I live in North Carolina. If you could send me an email at jgcaregiver@gmail.com, we could say more about the project I am interested in.

    David campt
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