Cute Boot Alert!

We couldn't figure out why we were getting an increase in orders for our 'Lil Doggies this month... until my Sister-in-Law called me from Wisconsin and said "Hey - Congrats on being mentioned in Parents magazine!" Sure enough, there we were at the top of the Goody Bag in the December gift guide. Our little red and black cowboy booties were on a little dude astride a wooden horse (moose?) with a "cute boot alert" mention for

Sorry there haven't been too many updates lately-- the elves have been working around the clock to meet the Holiday rush. After a month of hand-cutting during our busiest time of year and playing catch-up, (see earlier blog about losing our clicker) we are all looking forward to a nice, loooooooonnnng rest :-) We sent out our last packages today to meet the mailing deadline for Dec. 23rd, so tomorrow we are all going out for pizza and kicking our heels up. The Elf crew has been nothing short of amazing this year!

From all of us here at Soft Star Shoes - hope you have a wonderful holiday season! See you all in the New Year!!

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