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Well, fall showed up quickly here in Oregon -- it was 85 and sunny one day, two days later it was 65 and rainy. Since cool, rainy weather can last until May I decided I better wrap up the sheepskin fleece experiment for now. A quick recap of the experiment before I get into 'results'... I'm trying to answer the question 'isn't sheepskin too hot for summer mocs?'. To find out poor Kahlil is my test subject. He's been wearing two different mocs... One has fleece in it and the other doesn't. Now for results:

  • I can't tell a difference in foot temperature between the two mocs by touching his feet right when I take the mocs off. It may be necessary to have special equipment to actually tell a difference, but I was happy any difference is fairly subtle.
  • The moc without the fleece in it was damper than the one with the fleece. This supports the belief that the sheepskin wicks away moisture from the foot (and in theory keeps the foot cooler).
  • The cutouts in the top of the mocs seem to help keep feel cooler since they provide some circulation.
  • I really like the crazy, mixed up colors of the test pair. We got lots of comments and most of them were positive. I will propose a similar pair for next years in-stock shoes. If you like the mixed up colors, a comment or e-mail of support wouldn't hurt ;-)

I wish I had about another week of sunny weather to gain some confidence in what I was seeing... Maybe I'll revisit the experiment next spring/summer. In the mean time fall has arrived and most folks are more concerned about keeping feet warm for the next few months.

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  1. I would love a crazy mixed up pair of mocs!
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