Experiment in progress

Our moccasins have sheepskin in them and we always get asked, "Isn't that too hot for summer?" Well, let's find out!

Kahlil needed a new pair of moccasins, so I decided to do a little experiment. I had two pairs of mocs made... one with sheepskin and one without. He is going to wear one moc from each pair for the next couple weeks and I'll see if I can tell a difference in how much his feet sweat and how hot they get. As you can see, the yellow/purple ones have sheepskin in them. While the blue/green ones don't. Some may argue the experiment is flawed because the different colors will make the foot warmth different... to these people I say run your own experiment :-)

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  1. You could always have the Dad elf insert a thermocouple. :)
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