Pluto - we'll miss you!

Weird, but true. Last week when the IAU announced that Pluto was being stripped of it's planetary status, we also sold the last pair of red "Plutos" from our clearance shoe sale. (The popular Pluto pictured here) It was my personal favorite of last season's lineup-- and the coincidence struck a strange note.

Were we too hasty to pull Pluto from this year's lineup? Will "Save Pluto" emails start to flood our inbox? If you miss Pluto, let us know.

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  1. YES! we miss Pluto! those are the EXACT shoes my son wants-- red with moon and star. and I want (*need*, really) him to have them with elastic, like the Pluto (since he can't sit still long enough for me to tie anything!). Otherwise the new pumpkin-colored fall shoe would pass. I hope you bring them back! and what a strange coincidence, indeed!
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