Soft Star Soles

You may feel lucky when you put on a pair of comfortable shoes, but the Soft Star crew think comfort is no accident. We have spent years searching for the right soles to go on our shoes and moccasins. We believe soft soles not only feel good, but they are also good for you! Our feet are complex structures, with 19 bones and 126 muscles and ligaments. Podiatrists agree, the more time spent barefoot, the better for the development of a healthy and athletic foot. Balance, strength and flexibility are maximized when feet are allowed to develop naturally. When you or your child can't go barefoot, a soft sole that mimics barefoot conditions is ideal. Soft soled shoes are critical for healthy feet. So whether you are looking for soft soled baby shoes for your precious little one's first steps or a health alternative to the common heavy, inflexible soles made for children or just a comfortable slipper for you to relax in after a long day, Soft Star Shoes has just the right sole for you! (If you want to read about all the options we have for moccasin and childen's shoe soles, check out our sole web page.)

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