Being an Elf

Hi , I'm Elf DeAnn,
I came to Soft Star Shoes in Oct.2000. When I started we were in the old barn that is now an upcomming condo. We've come along way baby:). But, back to the barn. There was charm , cute little shoes and a very nice crew. This made for a very nice work environment, and then there are the children that come into the shop, they are so cute picking out colors for thier new school shoes, or the child with a brace or some other special need, Tim was ready to take on any challange to make shoes for them. With my need to know I asked questions and Tim taught me how to make childerns shoes. Before I knew it Tim and I were creating new designs. Thank you, Tim for being a good teacher:). In 2005 Tim made a deal and the whirlwind begins . With Trish , Larkin and and Tim at the helm new and exciting things started to happen . Now in our new shop, childrens laughter surrounds us, new colors new designs. All the while i'm working in such a cool work enviorment, I know that we are making such a good product, that there are children (and childern at heart) all over that are wearing shoes we made, that are so good for thier feet.
Being an Elf is a good thing:).


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