Waterproof Mocs?

There has been a lot of excitement lately about two new moccasin styles we just introduced: The Rugged Roo and the Taz. Both moccasins feature our new T-Rex soling - a rubberized, water resistant material. The Taz has the added feature of extra T-Rex on the toes and heels.

We've been asked a couple of times over the past week if these shoes are waterproof. While water cannot get through the T-Rex material, moisture could still seep through the side seams or soak in through the upper suede if you are puddle walking in them. However, they DO provide a nice moisture barrier compared to the traditional suede sole on wet grass or pavement. The other benefit of the T-Rex is that it stays clean looking longer, is easy to wipe the surface clean and remains "non-skid" longer on hardwood floors than suede.

Hats off to DeAnn for her design on this fun Taz moccasin in the picture! She named the "Taz" after her son Thomas .


  1. These are way cool! I wonder if they're protective enough for a 5 year old to wear on the preschool playground? Does anyone buy these for everyday, outdoor play shoes?
  2. Rachel Gray
    I'd love to buy some of these, are they still available? Thanks
    1. Elf Martin
      Hi Rachel. We still have the Roo moccasins available, but no longer make the rugged or Taz sole for them. We discontinue them long ago because our Rambler style is much better for outdoor durability and water resistance.
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