Violet Graduates

My youngest daughter, Violet graduated from high school this week. As with any important milestone in one’s life, it brought back a flood of memories. It is so hard to believe that we started Soft Star Shoes twenty some odd years ago when my middle daughter, Corina, was two years old. Jeanie and I did not want to leave the house to work and miss the children’s childhood. We wanted soft handmade moccasins for our kids, so we thought we could make a business out of it. While we were at it, why not let customers design their own shoes? Well twenty years later I’ve added two partners and I am still making soft leather moccasins and shoes for children. It was great having the kids grow up in the shop. What a perfect playground. Leather scraps, glue, tables to hide under and mark on. It was as much fun for us and it was for the kids. One day they are asking for juice, the next the car keys and then you are helping them pick out graduations notices. I am so grateful my work allowed me to grow up with the kids.


  1. Hi Tim. Wonder when you'll get this. What a fabulous website!! And violet!! OMG< she is beautiful!! You dont look bad yourself I might add. When you gonna start aging? Love what you all have done to the shop. makes me miss being there all the more. Best job I've ever had in my life. Honestly... Hope to run into you davinci days? Seems we always do.. Love to you and the rest.. Always, Rui
  2. I had no idea there was a blog about me! I'm glad that you were always around too. It was great to have a father that was always there....Violet
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