Dear Blog

Moccasin Musings
Dear Blog,

Hum—not sure if that’s the right way to start. I really don’t have much to go on since I’m not much of a blog reader, and I’ve never written a blog. I’m not even a ‘journal-er’. Dear Blog feels right, so I’ll go with it for now.

I’m Larkin. I’ve been a Soft Star elf for just over a year now. It has been a busy year—leaving corporate America, becoming a small business owner, and becoming a mom all within six months. But it felt right at the time and I’m pretty happy with how life is going these days.

My son, Kahlil (he's the cute one it the picutre above :-), was born last fall and has been going with me to the Soft Star shop since he was just a couple months old. Jay, my husband, thinks Kahlil has more baby shoes than should be allowed for one child. It’s just too hard to pass up the adorable moccasins, soft soled shoes, and baby cowboy boots! Plus we’ve been using Kahlil as a tester for several new models—he had the first pair made of Taz, Lil’ Doggies, and Bear Paws. I guess Jay will just have to accept that a high shoe count comes along with the company.

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