Is Barefoot Better?

Last week a great article came out in the Wall Street Journal about barefoot runners. It covered the growing base of people who content that modern day shoes with their over-designed soling and arch supports are actually creating "lazy" or comparatively "weak" feet. While this article is cashing in on the sensationalism of "extreme" barefoot enthusiasts -- (Those who run entire marathons barefoot on pavement)-- I have to say it was a fantastic overview about why barefoot is truly better when you can do it!

While customers buying for children typically already understand this, it is less common for adults to embrace it. Being "natural" doesn't always come naturally :-). Over the past year alone, we have had testimonial after testimonial of adult customers of our moccasins who have had various health problems "disappear" after switching over to Soft Star Moccasins as their footwear choice. Problems that have been addressed range from poor posture, rebuilding fallen arches, back aches and sarcoidosis of the foot. While I'm not as hardcore of a barefoot enthusiast as the marathon runners in the article (I like protection from glass and bottle tabs), I do enthusiastically agree that the more time spent barefoot, the better for everybody, regardless of age. For a full copy of the article, click HERE or go to:

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  1. Hello,I am a barefoot runner. It's the only way to go!!
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