Do you have extra wide shoes for adults?

Not exactly, but we do offer a Wide XL width for our Adult Original RunAmocs. While this option is the same width as our normal wide option, it has extra material in the front upper section of the shoe (known as the vamp). Wide XL is ideal for people with very thick feet. To order this option, simply choose "Wide XL Width" from the width dropdown menu for our Original RunAmoc.


Curious about other specialized work we offer? Please click here for a summary of special request polices and options that we do and do not offer..

Do you have extra wide shoes for children?

Yes! Although you can only select "wide" for width on our site, we do offer even wider shoes by special request. Please see this guide for how our extra wide children's shoes compare to other brands, as well as how to order.

I can see the outline of my toes. Do my shoes fit?

Our shoes are made with a non-lasted technique, meaning the leather will lay softly over the foot instead of being molded into a rigid and smooth toe box. The natural contours of your toes will show through the leather and this is normal.

My child has outgrown your youth sizes. What do I do?

Fear not, we have shoes to fit! Our youth sizes blend into our adult sizes seamlessly, so that our size 5Y is the same as our size 5U, 6Y is the same as 6U, etc. If your child needs a size larger than what we have available in our Youth Shoes category, then you should be able to find the next size up in our Adult Shoes. For a complete look at how our sizes compare, check out our sizing chart.

What does the "U" mean in Softstar adult sizes?

"U" stands for Unisex sizing for our adult shoes. 

What you need to know about the free form nature of moccasin sizing

Softstar moccasins are beloved for their genuine sheepskin soles and ultra-comfortable feel. They have an free form nature that allows them to fit many different sizes and shapes of feet with ease. People often order a size bigger in moccasins for the extra roomy comfort, and because the design allows your foot to move to the front easily. Extra length ends up behind your heel, and not in front of your toes which makes it comfortable for walking. This is also handy with children as they can "grow into" bigger sizes with ease.

When you first get a pair of moccasins, you might find it is hard to tell apart the right from the left. The size tags will be on your inner ankles. They may also may look slightly different from right to left. Keep in mind that your new shoes will "mold" into your foot shape within a few hours after which you should have no problems telling them apart and/or feeling seams.

What's the biggest shoe you've ever made?

To date, the biggest shoe was an adult size 17 Original RunAmoc, and you can see a photo of it on our blog. No job is too big or too small for the elves!

Why does my new pair fit differently than the old?

At Softstar we take consistency very seriously. We invest a lot in training and equipment to minimize differences from shoe to shoe. Most of our patterns are die cut, or traced to aluminum patterns to ensure uniformity. However, the soft style construction we use can have a lot of variability that your sensitive foot may notice. There are three key reasons that a new pair may differ in feel from another:


1. New shoes vs. worn shoes: Our shoes are so soft and natural that they will stretch and form to your feet over time. Typically, new shoes feel tighter than the ones you have become accustomed to.


2. Leather: softness, thickness and texture of natural leather will vary slightly from hide to hide. No two cows are exactly the same!  Perforated leather also  feels and sews differently from smooth or shiny or suede leather. All of our leather will eventually form to your foot, but two pairs of shoes made on the same day by the same elf may feel different when you first slip them on due solely to leather.


3. Soles for RunAmocs and Hawthorne Chukkas: These shoes are also die cut to the same size each and every time, but have an extra process to adhere the Vibram rubber or leather outer soles. This soling process involves hand trimming the final product, so the shape and length of the outer sole will change from shoe to shoe. However, the innersole and interior shape and volume of the shoe will be consistent. Therefore, if you hold up 2 different pairs in the same size you may see the outer soles may not match up exactly, but the upper and inside volume and interior length are all cut identically. Also, heat will cause Vibram soles to shrink over time. Campfires, heaters and even just a hot sidewalk will result in some minor shrinkage over time, meaning further discrepancies in length between old and new pairs.


Finally, if you are in the process of switching from more traditional shoes to minimal shoes then you may find that over time your feet are spreading out more and getting wider and longer as they get healthier and stronger.