Placing an Order

How secure is your site?

Our Soft Star Shoes website is hosted on a dedicated, state-of-the-art server owned by Nexcess with both APF software and hardware firewalls. This facility is staffed 24x7 to provide the most immediate and quality support in the event of web issues. We are fully PCI compliant and use the most up-to-date secure, encrypted processes for transmitting order information. We do not store your credit card information, so even in the very unlikely event that our server would be compromised, there is no financial data stored. Update 4/9/14: Our server is compliant / patched and not susceptible to the SSL Heartbeat bug.

Do you offer coupons or discounts? What about sales events?

As a general rule, Soft Star does not discount our shoes. There are two exceptions to this:


1. Limited Quantity Stock Shoes:  Each year we introduce new "stock" colors.  When the stock color is finished and we have a limited selection of sizes left, we do put these on sale between 15% and 35% off.


2. February Clearance Sale: We have a single big clearance sale in February of each year where we put all the one-of-a-kind shoes on sale.  These are custom shoes that are sold at great discount with no returns/exchanges. 


You can find out in advance about these, or other specials like free DYO or new shoe launches by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.  We try to keep our newsletter frequency to 10-12 times a year and fill it with interesting content, so we hope you will find it relevant. 


We also partner with Waldorf and Montessori schools for classroom shoe discounts during back-to-school season and schools are welcome to call for more information. We also offer bulk order discounts for large orders if shipping within the USA.

My login doesn't work!

If your password is not working, please select the option "request a new password" to have one emailed to you, or contact us directly for assistance.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept VISA or Mastercard on all orders. We also accept PayPal, money orders or personal checks by mail. When you checkout online, you will have the option of either entering your credit card, going to PayPal or you can select the "pay offline" option instead for sending checks. The "pay offline" option can also be used to submit your order without payment. This is handy if for some reason your credit card is not working, or if you want to provide your credit card number by phone.  

Do you offer group or bulk discounts?

Yes, if shipping within the USA. Please see our group discount page for details.