Customer Service

How do I check for fit when my shoes arrive?

When your shoes arrive, please try them on indoors and make sure your shoes fit well before deciding to keep them as we only accept returns on shoes still in brand new condition. This means that the innersole, outer sole and leather can show no signs of dirt or wear.


Our shoes are made with a non-lasted technique, meaning the leather will lay softly over the foot instead of being molded into a rigid and smooth toe box. The natural contours of your toes will show through the leather and this is normal. If your shoes are a little snug at first in the toe box area, you can stretch them by stuffing the toe box with a DRY rag. Push the cloth tightly into the front of the shoe—don't worry, you cannot hurt them and it does not impact your ability to return them. Let the shoes sit stuffed overnight to stretch and try them on for size again.


Pulling your heel to the back of the shoe, you should have approximately the width of your index  finger of extra space in front of your toes and the front seam of the shoe. For young children, this can be up to a 1/2 inch extra for shoes or even 1 inch for moccasins to account for extra growing room.

What is your repair policy?

We hope our shoes will have a long and happy life on your feet. With regular use, all shoes will eventually show signs of wear. 


Although our workshop is equipped to make new shoes, repairing soles is a process that requires a different set of skills and tools. We recommend seeking a local cobbler in your area for your needs. 


If you do not have a local cobbler, we are happy to try and perform shoe repairs when possible, but please be aware that some repairs are beyond our ability. We know you love our shoes, but after many cycles of wear… well, it just might be time to retire those puppies!


We perform these limited repairs for a minimal $5 return shipping charge (some exceptions apply). The most common repairs we can do involve re-sewing shoes to soles when stitching has come undone, depending on the shoe style. We can easily replace the elastic closure in our Roo moccasins and Ramblers. If you are unsure if we can repair them, sometimes it is most cost effective to email us a photo with your repair question before you ship your shoes to us.


Shoes sent for repair must be clean, or we will return them to you for cleaning.  Our sewing machines and seamstresses require it!   


To request a repair, please print our repair form and include it with your shoes:


Download/Print Repair Request Form


We are sorry to say that there are very few repairs we can perform on our RunAmoc shoes or Hawthorne Chukkas; we cannot repair holes worn through the leather near the RunAmoc sole and we cannot replace or re-glue RunAmoc soles. We are also unable to repair holes worn through the soles on any of our shoes. If you have questions about whether or not a repair is possible, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you make single shoes?

Wearing a cast? Lost one shoe? Fido enjoyed your moccasin as tasty treat? We understand... our leather is delicious (and non-toxic). Fear not, since we handcraft all of our shoes we can easily make a single shoe for you at half the price of a pair. Order a single shoe now!

Can you rush my order?

Please call us if you have a special date you would like your order by and we will see if it is possible to get them made in time. In general, we do not have a "rush order" charge as we try to make everyone's shoes as quickly as possible and in the order received.


We do have a lot of great one-of-a-kind shoes on hand that can often be shipped same day, so please call us if you are looking for something to ship fast and ask what we might have already made and available to meet your needs. You can also search our Sole Mate category to see shoes that are ready to ship immediately.


In general we do not rush any orders at holiday time as our shoemaking resources are already stressed and we are working hard to get everyone's order out as soon as possible..