Where can I buy Sofstar shoes?

Soft Star shoes are only available directly from the Elves. We do not offer our product in retail stores. You can place your order over the phone, via our website, by mail, fax or from our local showroom in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. We do not sell our shoes in other stores. Visit our wholesale information page for more details on why wo do not offer wholesale distribution.

Does Softstar offer wholesale or dropship services?

No. Check out our wholesale information page for more information on why we currently do not offer wholesale or dropshipping distribution. If you are interested in promoting our products for a commission, then we encourage you to join our free affiliate program.

Can I resell Softstar shoes?

Approved brick and mortar stores may resell Soft Star shoes, but the purchase price from Soft Star Shoes will be our normal retail prices. Stores may request a bulk discount, but Soft Star does not offer wholesale packaging, support or services. Please see our wholesale policy for more details.