General Questions

Why are the folks at Softstar called elves?

We love to make shoes! If you would like to know the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker, click here.

Does Softstar design made-to-measure shoes for unusual feet?

Yes we do, but we are limited in the work we can take on. Please see our special request page for more information.

What research is there on healthy kids shoes?

Plenty! Growing feet are very susceptible to permanent damage from ill-fitting or stiff shoes.  Whether you choose Softstar shoes or another brand, please see this summary of general research and tips for selecting quality footwear for your children.

How can I enter your photo contest?

Each month we randomly select two winners, one adult and one child, to win a $25 Softstar gift certificate. Photos must show Softstar shoes and be family friendly. To enter, submit your photo by using the entry form on our fan photo page:

Enter Fan Photo Contest

I have plantar fasciitis. Are your shoes good for me?

While we cannot provide medical advice, many people suffering from plantar fasciitis and plantar fibroma have found relief and even elimination of their symptoms by gradually transitioning to minimal footwear or barefoot practices. Also, some studies have shown that improving flexibility with stretching exercises may alleviate symptoms. We recommend consulting your doctor for professional medical advice before starting any stretching, exercise or treatment program.

Are flat feet bad?

For toddlers flat feet are not unusual and rarely cause for concern. For adults, studies suggest foot flexibility is far more important than arch height in avoidance of injury. Click here for more details.

How do I find Softstar coupons?

We occasionally offer discounts or coupons through our monthly email newsletter.


We also partner with Waldorf and Montessori schools for classroom shoe discounts during back-to-school season and schools are welcome to call for more information. We also offer bulk order discounts for large orders if shipping within the USA.

Do you have an affiliate or ambassador program?

You may have heard of our affiliate program in the past, but we regret to say it was discontinued in 2016 due to changing tax laws.


Our ambassador program, on the other hand, is still active! This program enrolls people interested in talking about our shoes in person to their friends and acquaintances. For more information, click here.