General Questions

Why are the folks at Softstar called elves?

We love to make shoes! If you would like to know the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker, click here.

Does Softstar design made-to-measure shoes for unusual feet?

Yes we do, but we are limited in the work we can take on. Please see our special request page for more information.

What research is there on healthy kids shoes?

Plenty! Growing feet are very susceptible to permanent damage from ill-fitting or stiff shoes.  Whether you choose Soft Star Shoes or another brand, please see this summary of general research and tips for selecting quality footwear for your children.

How can I enter your photo contest?

Please email photos to Include your name, location and a caption for the photo. Please note that by submitting photos, you are giving Soft Star permission to post your photos on our website, social media outlets and newsletters. For privacy reasons, last names will not be shared. Each month we randomly select a photo. The person who submitted the selected photo will win a $50 Soft Star gift certificate. Photos are eligible to win for up to one year from the date of submission. Visit our Fan Photo page for more information, or to see other customer photos.

I have plantar fasciitis. Are your shoes good for me?

While we cannot provide medical advice, many people suffering from plantar fasciitis and plantar fibroma have found relief and even elimination of their symptoms by gradually transitioning to minimal footwear or barefoot practices. Also, some studies have shown that improving flexibility with stretching exercises may alleviate symptoms. We recommend consulting your doctor for professional medical advice before starting any stretching, exercise or treatment program.

Are flat feet bad?

For toddlers flat feet are completely normal!  For adults, foot flexibility is far more important than arch height in avoidance of injury. Click here for more details.

How do I find Softstar coupons?

As a general rule, Soft Star does not discount our shoes. There are two exceptions to this:


1. Limited Quantity Stock Shoes:  Each year we introduce new "stock" colors. When the stock color is finished and we have a limited selection of sizes left, we do put these on sale between 15% and 35% off.


2. February Clearance Sale: We have a single big clearance sale in February of each year where we put all the one-of-a-kind shoes on sale. These are custom shoes that are sold at great discount with no returns/exchanges.  


You can find out in advance about these, or other specials like free DYO or new shoe launches by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.  We try to keep our newsletter frequency to 10-12 times a year and fill it with interesting content, so we hope you will find it interesting. 


We also partner with Waldorf and Montessori schools for classroom shoe discounts during back-to-school season and schools are welcome to call for more information. We also offer bulk order discounts for large orders if shipping within the USA.

Do you have an affiliate or ambassador program?

Yes we do—both!


Our affiliate program allows you to receive a commission when someone uses links on your webpage to visit our site and make a purchase. For more information on our affiliate program, click here


Our ambassador program is for people interested in talking about our shoes in person to their friends and acquaintences. For more information on our ambassador program, click here.