Leather Scraps for Crafts

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Leather scraps are fun for crafters and kids alike. Help yourself to a colorful bundle of premium leather scraps to make your artwork pop! Available in two sizes: 15-ounce bags of small pieces and 5-pound bundles of larger sections.

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One of Softstar's core values is to walk lightly on the earth, and that means reducing our waste as much as possible. We're happy to offer crafters our leather scraps that are too small or too thin for our shoes.

All of our leather scraps are tanned without the use of formaldehyde and colored with non-toxic food grade dye. We use high quality leather and all of our smooth full grain leather comes from premium top grain hides.

Scraps vary in size and contain a random mix of all the leather we use in our shop, including full grain, suede and shiny. Small 15-ounce bags of scraps are usually at least a couple inches in length and width. Scraps in our larger 5-pound bundles range in size from several inches to a few feet. See the images in the gallery above for size examples.

Sorry, but we cannot guarantee specific colors, styles or sizes of scraps. We do our best to give a large variety in every bag and bundle.

We'd also love to see photos of any projects you create with our leather and share them on our website! Please email photos to marketing@softstarshoes.com.