Padraig Sizing

Please note: Padraig slippers will stretch over time. If you are between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size (and if they stretch too much, washing will shrink them).

Padraig Cottage Slipper Sizing Chart

Padraig Logo

    To produce original quality products made by skilled artisans, using
    natural materials while accepting the importance of both the community
    and the environment.

    –Padraig Cottage Mission Statement

Helen, founder of Padraig, learned to knit from her father when she was a child in Scotland. She made her first pair of slippers for her young son in the winter of 1977 with a handcut sheepskin sole and a crocheted upper made with handspun raw wool. In a few years they would become known as the Original Padraig Slipper. Since Helen started selling her wears at local craft markets, the slipper line and the company have grown and evolved. The slippers now come in numerous colors and styles and are sold in boutiques across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Although the company has expanded—now employing more than thirty local artisans and support staff—they are still independently owned and operated. Their premises remain in North Vancouver (Canada), ensuring product quality and support of the local community. The slippers also remain largely the same; they are still hand-crocheted and hand-dyed in small lots, insuring each pair is one of a kind.