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What do job interviews, first dates, and silent spouses all have in common? It’s hard to tell how the other person is feeling!

Thanks to NEW Mood Shoes from Softstar, you can now throw misunderstandings out the window. Share your emotions and read how others are feeling with a simple downward glance.

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Featuring the latest in wearable emotion technology!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell how someone else was feeling just by looking at their feet? Well, it’s not as impossible as you might think!

The minimalist footwear innovators at Softstar have come up with an idea so original and inventive, others are becoming green with envy (and maybe a little yellow for nervous and orange for fear). Introducing Softstar’s new line of color-changing Mood Shoes! By analyzing the science of mood rings and taking it a STEP further, these shoes change color depending on the wearer’s mood and emotional state. Never again will you have to wonder how a first date is going.. just take a look at your date’s shoes! Are you boring your coworkers with that story, or do they actually find it hilarious? Take a peek at their kicks to find out! Struggling to share your feelings with your loved ones? Wear your emotions on your feet! The possibilities are endless and humdrum social interactions are now a thing of the past.

The technology behind the mood shoes is simple. Small sensors in the shoe innersoles detect changes in the wearer’s body temperature and heart rate. Different temperatures and heart rates have been known to correspond to a variety of moods, and now Softstar has channeled that energy into a red-hot shoe style. Simply slide the shoes on your feet, feel your feelings, and watch the colors change right before your eyes!

Mood Shoes make a great gift for any friend or family member. We especially recommend them for a sarcastic co-worker or that special someone in your life who gives you the silent treatment when you’re never quite sure why. A handy pocket-sized color chart is included with every order, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Every emotion from happy to nervous to romantic is captured on this chart, so you’ll always be able to gauge a situation correctly with NO confusion whatsoever. Who could ask for more?


Customer Reviews

My students love these! Review by Teacher Hayes
As a 6th grade teacher, my students love knowing what mood I'm in when they come to class. They are all hoping for light blue or royal blue. It's a little weird that they look at my feet instead of my face when they walk in. One child fakes being sick if he sees my mood is red. (not too often) I think everyone should have these shoes! Fantastic!!! (Posted on 4/1/17)
This is a joke...right? Review by April the giraffe
Do you make these for'pregnant giraffes? Because maybe they would help us figure out if she really is pregnant! (Posted on 4/1/17)
Perfect for Your Teenage Children! Review by Frank
These shoes are fantastic, especially if you have teenagers in the house. My 15-year-old daughter barely says a word to me anymore... well, at least not anything I can understand. I spent months struggling to interpret her various eye rolls with no luck. It was as if everything I said was wrong.

Not anymore! Everything changed after she started wearing her Softstar Mood Shoes. Now I don't even have to listen to communicate with her. I just ask her how her day was, ignore whatever she mumbles and take a peek at her feet.

Red? Her prissy best friend Emily probably spilled tomato sauce on that sweater she borrowed from my daughter. No problem, looks like a trip to the dry cleaner.

Orange and Yellow? She must have done something embarrassing in front of her crush Josh, like mentioning she likes Nickelback or accidentally farting in front of him. OMG! Time to pull out that chocolate chip ice cream I keep in the back of the freezer for just such emergencies.

Purple? She must have gotten "like a ton" of likes on her Instagram selfies today. Best time to strike up a conversation about college goals.

These shoes are a life saver! If they can turn an ordinary schmuck like me into a superdad then I'm sure they'll do the same for you. (Posted on 3/29/17)
Ruining My Job Review by Dan the Car Man
My daughter gave me a pair of these shoes for my birthday last month. They felt comfortable enough so I thought, "what the heck," maybe they'll spark some conversations with clients on the lot. I sell used cars and need fun ways to interact with people all day.

At first, everything seemed to go well. The shoes got a few curious looks, I'd explain that they convey my emotions and almost everybody loved the idea. Great ice breaker! Unfortunately, after that everything would go south. Once I started wearing these shoes I barely sold any cars and my commissions plunged. It was as if all my usual lines lost all their power:

"Well, it's okay if you don't like the price. I have another interested buyer on the phone right now."
"No need to look under the hood... this car was just inspected by our top mechanic and he says it's running like the day it came out of the factory."
"You'll probably get at least another 20,000 miles out of these tires."

Normally, any of those would close the deal, but now my customers just look down, thank me for my time and walk away. I swear, these shoes are cursed! I still have to give them 3 stars for being so darn comfortable. (Posted on 3/28/17)
Great for Poker Review by Card Shark
I gave a few pairs of these shoes to my best friends for the holidays. Not long after that we had our monthly poker game. I was struggling to decide whether I should match a bid with my three tens, but a quick glance under the table removed all hesitation. Everyone else's shoes were in the nervous orange-yellow spectrum, but I was a cool blue. Went all in and won the pot! (Posted on 3/28/17)

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