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Sizing for Luna Sandals

How to measure your foot for Luna Sandals:

1. Stand with your heels lightly touching a wall.
2. Slide a ruler under your foot so it's also touching the wall.
3. Measure in centimeters from the wall to your longest toe.
4. Compare against the "Foot Length" column on the chart below to find your size


Max Foot
Length (cm)



Width (cm)

22.2 4 6 9.2 Printer-icon
23 5 7 9.6 Printer-icon
23.9 6 8 10 Printer-icon
24.7 7 9 10.4 Printer-icon
25.6 8 10 10.7 Printer-icon
26.4 9 11 11 Printer-icon
27.3 10 12 11.35 Printer-icon
28.1 11 13 11.7 Printer-icon
29 12 14 12 Printer-icon
30.1 13 15 12.4 Printer-icon


Once you've determined your size, you can double-check it by clicking the corresponding print icon and printing out a template. When printing the PDF templates, make sure the "Scale" in the Print Window is set to 100% or the template won't be accurate. If using the Chrome browser, make sure the "Fit to page" checkbox is unchecked.

On the template printouts, be sure to place the toe hole mark between your big and second toe toward the front edge of the circular toe hole marking to make sure your toes won't hang over the edge when pushing forward in your sandals.

Looking for half sizes? You can order them directly from