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  • Elves Remember 2013 - Year in Review

    Posted on December 30, 2013 by Elf Martin

    It's been a busy year at the Soft Star workshop. Before we ring in the new year, we'd like to share with you the significant memories and adventures that affected our workshop and community in 2013.

    Elves Volunteer at SAGE Garden
    Last spring, we had our first Soft Star volunteer day helping... [click title to read more]

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  • Monkeys and Elves Unite! Soft Star Teams Up with Luna Sandals

    Posted on October 18, 2013 by Elf Martin

    For several years now, the elves at Soft Star have enjoyed a friendly, non-competitive relationship with the monkeys (their term) at Luna Sandals, which operates just north of us in Seattle, Washington. We supplied Barefoot Ted with soling materials back when he originally worked to develop his huarache product and... [click title to read more]

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  • Caballo Blanco's Legacy Lives On: Tom Norwood Returns from Copper Canyon

    Posted on April 1, 2013 by Elf Martin

    In my recent interview with Tim Norwood, sales monkey for Luna Sandals, I spoke to him as he was heading down to Mexico with Barefoot Ted to run the 50-mile Ultramarathon Caballo Blanco.
    The race, formerly called the Copper Canyon Ultramarathon, was made famous by Christopher McDougall's book Born to Run. The... [click title to read more]

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  • Heading to Copper Canyon: Interview with Tom Norwood from Luna Sandals

    Posted on February 26, 2013 by Elf Martin

    Tom Norwood at the Orcas Island Ultra 50kThe Caballo run gained fame after the publication of Christopher McDougall's bestselling book Born to Run, in which McDougall chronicles his experiences in the canyons with Micah True (a.k.a. Caballo Blanco) and the Tarahumara Indians. Originally named the Copper Canyon Run, the race... [click title to read more]

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