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We had some special guests visit our workshop last week. A class from the local Benton Center Parent Preschool Co-op dropped by for a field trip to learn how shoes are made. Elves Larkin and Tesla guided the curious youngsters through our whole production line and gave them a firsthand look at leather cutting, sewing, barging, finishing and shipping. All of the little ones were able to see how a few scraps of leather turn into the pretty shoes on their feet. As an extra bonus, every student was allowed to take home a leather star cutout in the color of their choice.

A few days later, we received a very nice thank you note from the class, complete with foot tracings and measurements (see below). We were very happy to read that Ed appreciated our cool toilet.

C.Elf.O. Larkin demonstrates how we cut leather with patterns. C.Elf.O. Larkin demonstrates how we cut leather with patterns.

Elf Gwen gives a sewing lesson. Elf Gwen gives a sewing lesson.

Soft Star Founder Tim Oliver Soft Star founder Tim shows the kids how we turn shoes and test for weak stitches.

Thank You Card A thank you card from the kids!

Thank You Letter Thank You Letter





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