Snow Tested - Mom Approved

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Tivi's new fully-lined sheepskin Phoenix boots were put to test this winter. In addition to visiting family in Wisconsin and Colorado, even rain-bound Oregon is getting a good share of snow this year! After 5 months, 43 sled rides, 6 snowmen and 3 forts, I can confidently say our new boot design is FANTASTIC at keeping feet dry and warm. She has hiked, slid, tromped and sloshed through all kinds of snow, sleet, ice and (this being Oregon) RAIN and her feet have stayed dry all season. And the boots still look pretty darn good, if I say so myself! After so much work went into making the design - it has been gratifying to see them perform so well.

(Above) Sledding in Wisconsin with cousins Claudia and Olivia

(Below) Getting ready to throw a snow ball at cousin Bohden in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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