Baby and Kid Accessories

  1. Gift Card for Barefoot Kids Shoes

    Soft Star Gift Card

    From $5.00

    Can't decide? Give your loved ones a gift card and let them choose!

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  2. Free Leather Scraps

    Leather Scraps

    Prices start at $7.00

    Leather scraps are fun for crafters and kids alike. Help yourself to a bag of colorful leather scraps to make your artwork pop!

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  3. Geunine Sheepskin Innersoles - All Natural

    Child/Youth Sheepskin Innersoles

    Prices start at $6.00

    One pair of our genuine sheepskin innersoles to keep feet protected, dry and comfortable!

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  4. Heirloom Wooden Baby Rattle

    Cherry Wooden Baby Rattle

    Prices start at $15.00

    Handcrafted in Michigan, this heirloom wooden rattle will delight new baby and parents alike.

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  5. Star Shoelaces for Child Shoes

    Child Star Shoelaces, 1 Pair

    Prices start at $1.50

    Add a pair of Star Shoelaces to brighten up your shoes!

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  6. Leather Color Swatch Page

    Color Swatches

    Prices start at $5.00

    Are you having trouble visualizing exactly what our leather colors look like? Now you can have a sample of our swatches mailed directly to you!

    You can select up to six colors from the selection below. Just write the names of the colors into the fields to the right. Please include the type of leather when you type the names (e.g., NOVA, SUBLIME, SHINY, etc.). Shipping is free to the USA and Canada.

    NOTE: Our smooth, full grain leathers come in a variety of grades and styles. We've found some of these to work well on certain shoes, but not on others. If you would like to know which types of smooth leather are available for a specific shoe, then please visit that shoe's design-your-own page. Once there, you will see the available color options in the dropdown menus.

    Smooth Leathers

     NOVA White Leather NOVA White
     NOVA Black Leather NOVA Black
     NOVA Chocolate Leather NOVA Chocolate
     NOVA Nutmeg Leather NOVA Nutmeg
     NOVA Buckskin Leather NOVA Buckskin
     NOVA Burgundy Leather NOVA Burgundy
     NOVA Red Leather NOVA Red
     NOVA Fuchsia Leather NOVA Fuchsia
     NOVA Pink Leather NOVA Pink
     NOVA Orange Leather NOVA Orange
     NOVA Yellow Leather NOVA Yellow
     NOVA Forest Green Leather NOVA Forest Green
     NOVA Grass Green Leather NOVA Grass Green
     NOVA Kiwi Leather NOVA Kiwi
     NOVA Turquoise Leather NOVA Turquoise
     NOVA Navy Leather NOVA Navy
     NOVA Ocean Leather NOVA Ocean
     NOVA Ultra Blue Leather NOVA Ultra Blue
     NOVA Dark Purple Leather NOVA Dark Purple
     NOVA Lilac Leather NOVA Lilac
     SUBLIME Black Leather SUBLIME Black
     SUBLIME Chocolate Leather SUBLIME Chocolate
     SUBLIME Brandy Leather SUBLIME Brandy
     SUBLIME Cannon Leather SUBLIME Cannon
     SUBLIME Cream Leather SUBLIME Cream
     SUBLIME Flame Leather SUBLIME Flame
     SUBLIME Hot Pink Leather SUBLIME Hot Pink
     SUBLIME  Tangerine Leather SUBLIME Tangerine
     SUBLIME Olive Leather SUBLIME Olive
     SUBLIME Sage Leather SUBLIME Sage
     SUBLIME Lime Leather SUBLIME Lime
     SUBLIME Sky Blue Leather SUBLIME Sky Blue
     SUBLIME Lavender Leather SUBLIME Lavender
     SUBLIME Purple Leather SUBLIME Purple
     Cork Leather Cork
     SMOOTH Aged Black Leather AGED Aged Black
     SMOOTH Aged Walnut Leather AGED Walnut
     SMOOTH Aged Oak Leather AGED Oak
     VEGETABLE TANNED Butternut Leather VEGETABLE TANNED Butternut
     SHINY Platinum Leather SHINY Platinum
     SHINY Gold Leather SHINY Gold
     SHINY Pewter Leather SHINY Pewter
     SHINY Bronze Leather SHINY Bronze
     SHINY Ruby Leather SHINY Ruby
     SHINY Sapphire Leather SHINY Sapphire
     SHINY Violet Leather SHINY Violet

    Plonge Leathers
    (for Baby Buttercups and Adult Ballerine Trim)

     White Leather PLONGE White
     Black Leather PLONGE Black
     Dark Hazelnut Leather PLONGE Dark Hazelnut
     Cream Leather PLONGE Cream (Ballerines only)
     Tan Leather PLONGE Tan
     Fuchsia Leather PLONGE Red
     Fuchsia Leather PLONGE Fuchsia
     Pink Leather PLONGE Pink
     Mint Leather PLONGE Mint
     Lime Leather PLONGE Lime
     Royal Blue Leather PLONGE Royal Blue
     Robin Egg Blue Leather PLONGE Robin Egg Blue
     Lavender Leather PLONGE Lavender

    Suede Leathers

     SUEDE Grey Leather SUEDE Grey
     SUEDE Black Leather SUEDE Black
     SUEDE Chocolate Leather SUEDE Chocolate
     SUEDE Honey Leather SUEDE Honey
     SUEDE Tan Leather SUEDE Tan
     SUEDE Burgundy Leather SUEDE Burgundy
     SUEDE Red Leather SUEDE Red
     SUEDE Watermelon Leather SUEDE Watermelon
     SUEDE Pink Leather SUEDE Pink
     SUEDE Orange Leather SUEDE Orange
     SUEDE Gold Leather SUEDE Gold
     SUEDE Forest Green Leather SUEDE Forest Green
     SUEDE Moss Leather SUEDE Moss
     SUEDE Emerald Leather SUEDE Emerald
     SUEDE Navy Leather SUEDE Navy
     SUEDE Royal Leather SUEDE Royal
     SUEDE Medium Blue Leather SUEDE Medium Blue
     SUEDE Turquoise Leather SUEDE Turquoise
     SUEDE Purple Leather SUEDE Purple
     SUEDE Fuchsia Leather SUEDE Fuchsia
     SUEDE Lavender Leather SUEDE Lavender
     SUEDE Baby Leopard Leather SUEDE Baby Leopard
     SUEDE Cream with Shiny Gold Stars Leather SUEDE Cream with Stars
     SUEDE Black with Glossy White Stars Leather SUEDE Black with Stars

    LITE Leathers

     LITE White Leather LITE White
     LITE Black Leather LITE Black
     LITE Chocolate Leather LITE Chocolate
     LITE Red Leather LITE Red
     LITE Turquoise Leather LITE Turquoise
     LITE Blue Leather LITE Blue

    Vegan ULTRASUEDE Leathers

     ULTRASUEDE White Leather ULTRASUEDE White
     ULTRASUEDE Black Leather ULTRASUEDE Black
     ULTRASUEDE Cocoa Leather ULTRASUEDE Cocoa
     ULTRASUEDE Ginger Snap Leather ULTRASUEDE Ginger Snap
     ULTRASUEDE Green Apple Leather ULTRASUEDE Green Apple
     ULTRASUEDE Royal Blue Leather ULTRASUEDE Royal Blue


    Elastic/Sport Closures (fabric, not leather)

     White Leather White
     Black Leather Black
     Brown Leather Brown
     Beige Leather Beige
     Red Leather Red
     Fuchsia Leather Fuchsia
     Gold Leather Gold
     Green Leather Green
     Teal Leather Teal
     Royal Blue Leather Royal Blue
     Purple Leather Purple
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  7. What Should I Put on My Feet to Go Run?

    Children's Book: What Should I Put on My Feet to Go Run?

    Prices start at $12.95

    The first and only children's book about barefoot running, What Should I Put on My Feet to Go Run? teaches children about the inherent silliness of our culture's obsession with shoes through an entertaining tale that kids will love.

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  8. Rain and Snow - Treat, Protect and Waterproof Smooth Leather

    Bee Natural Leathercare - Rain and Snow

    Prices start at $12.00

    Rain and Snow is an excellent all-natural waterproofing solution for our shoes made with smooth (full grain) leather.

    Only available for shipments to USA or Canada.

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  9. Bee Natural Suede Protector Waterproofer

    Bee Natural Leathercare - Suede Protector

    Prices start at $18.00

    Bee Natural Protector is a natural formula that makes suede leathers (including sheepskin) water and stain resistant without color change.

    Only available for shipments to USA or Canada.

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  10. Bee Natural Leather Amore for Cleaning Smooth Leather

    Bee Natural Leathercare - Leather Amore

    Prices start at $12.00

    Leather Amore is a great leather cleaner and conditioner for Soft Star Shoes made with our smooth (full grain) leather.

    Only available for shipments to USA or Canada.

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