Coyotl Kettlebell Hand Protection

Swing longer, get stronger! The K.H.P.™ protects the ridge of your palm from calluses while allowing your fingers to maintain secure contact with the metal rod grips of kettlebells and dumbbells. Made in Minnesota with all-natural leather.

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Price $16.00
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We know functional strength is important to our customers, and we’ve found a way to let you really throw your weight around. When your arms are willing but your skin is weak, the COYOTL® Kettlebell Hand Protector has got you covered! Designed in Minnesota and manufactured in the United States, the K.H.P.™ offers everything you need to extend your workout, and nothing that you don’t!

  • Protects the ridge of your palm from calluses without impeding grip
  • Precision laser-cut from a top grain leather typically used for motorcycle chaps, for maximum durability without sacrificing feel
  • Lightweight and super compact for easy toting
  • No straps or buckles that can wear out or break
  • Patent pending
  • Made in Minnesota, USA


Customer Reviews

Not great for Pullups Review by Bonnie
I got these to try instead of gloves for things like pullups and lifting. I was looking for something minimalist and inexpensive to prevent callouses as I am a massage therapist. These do seem to prevent callouses but are not comfortable to use. I am hoping once they break in more it will be better. I imagine they work well for their intended use with kettlebells but I don't do much kettlebell stuff. I also need to try the breaking in method by soaking them in water that you can find on the Coyotl website just haven't had time yet. (Posted on 9/4/17)

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