Adult DASH RunAmoc - Smooth Black

The Soft Star RunAmoc Dash feels great for both trails and casual everyday use. Thin, zero-drop Vibram soles allow your feet to flex and bend freely, and our high quality leather is lightweight yet durable.

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  • Made with Premium, formaldehyde-free leathers.
  • Choose your VibramTM rubber sole: 5mm Trail sole or 2mm Street sole.
  • Zero drop sole between toe and heel.
  • Spacious toe box allows feet to stretch comfortably.
  • Can be worn with or without socks.
  • Made in USA: designed and handcrafted in Oregon using US-sourced materials.


AMAZING SHOES!Review by afrosalsero
my first pair of RunAmocs sported vibram 2mm soles. though i do very little running,i have put a lot of walking miles on them and they have allowed my OLDER feet to strengthen remarkably! i decided to try the shoe with a leather sole. this sole has afforded me a little more comfort than the vibram! though i walk trails on ridges, i rarely encounter wet conditions,and have had NO problem with traction! thank you for the GREAT concept and GREAT execution!!! i try to spend the majority of my time in these and other shoes from your product line! i am VERY happy! THANK YOU! (Posted on 3/25/15)
Only comfortable shoesReview by DuckFoot
I've got rather small, duck-shaped feet and these are the only closed-toed shoes I've ever found that don't either rub the skin off my heels or make my toes hurt. My first pair is about two years old now and has accounted for probably 65% of my shoe wearing since I got them. After about a year they started looking a bit rough but even now they still get the job done. The only running I do is if I'm about to miss the bus so I can't say how they are for that, but they're fantastic for walking and daily wear, and survived a week at archaeology field school last summer.
Only real problem I've had with them is that they leak like a sieve. Even just walking on wet grass water soaks through. I've got another pair where this hasn't been quite so noticeable, but it could just be that I don't wear those ones outside as much. The second pair also hasn't stretched out as much as the first. They're the smooth brown type that they don't appear to make anymore so maybe it's just a difference in leather.
Either way I'm planning to get yet another pair with the perforated leather to wear this summer. I usually hate spending money on shoes but if you've got odd shaped feet like mine these ones are totally worth it. (Posted on 2/19/15)
AmazingReview by Adam
Maybe the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, and I've tried all kinds of barefoot shoes. Before these my favorites were the Merrell Vapor Glove with Vibram EL-X close behind. (Posted on 12/17/14)
My feet don't hurt anymore!Review by Carla
After suffering with plantar fascitis, Achilles tendinitis, and achy feet at the end of the day, I knew something had to change. I had been buying shoes with more arch support, more padding, more everything and nothing helped. I bought the Runamoc Dash and within 2 weeks, no more foot pain for the first time in years. I now have 2 pair of these (smooth black and hot pink/black) and wear them every day when I am not wearing my Roos. Love these shoes! (Posted on 11/29/14)
Excellent shoeReview by Dustin
I have 5 pair of Soft Star shoes, so I think I qualify as an official fan (possibly fanatic). The worst thing I can say about the shoes is that they will RUIN YOU for any other shoes besides Soft Star. Truly, they are a pleasure, and all the different styles I own are excellent. I think the Dash (I own 3 pair of them) are the most versatile, however: you can truly wear them with anything (I don't use mine for running, but rather casual wear, lots of walking and hiking).

A comment about the soles: I own several kinds. My very first pair was the 2 mm street sole. It's incredibly durable; after one year it still looks new, and considering how much I wear them that's pretty amazing to me.

My favorite sole in terms of comfort for everyday wear is easily the trail sole -- which I was reluctant to purchase because of the tread. I assumed I'd feel that under my feet walking on pavement. But I don't. It's an extremely comfortable sole, and in my humble opinion it's the best for everyday use; it also happens to be extremely versatile.

Soft Star shoes are extraordinary, and given their quality and ethics they are an incredible value, too. (Posted on 11/24/14)
Great for wide post bunion surgery feet!Review by Josie
I had bunion surgery a year ago and although I am glad I had the surgery, I still have to be careful about footwear. I don't want the bunion to return so I must only wear shoes with a wide toe box. I wear a women's wide 11 in most shoes and the 10U wide in these is perfect! Solid black or black and brown ones are perfect for work. I prefer leather soles but am buying a 2mm sole for days when it is wet out and I don't want to risk slipping. (Posted on 11/23/14)
best shoe!!Review by Trev
Great shoe, first shoe I've ever bought a replacement pair. (Posted on 11/8/14)
Sweet ComfortReview by Jane
I bought this shoe with the thin sole, and totally love it. I went with the wide width, as my feet love to have lots of room and no cramping. They are perfect. I do, however, prefer to do long walks on cement in the Portlander. It has the thicker sole. (Posted on 9/29/14)
Comfortable "Dress" ShoeReview by Jeff
I purchased my shoes to use as a dress shoe while wearing suits or just a shirt and tie to work. They are so comfortable and have great ground feedback. I never want to wear tight, scrunched up toed, rigid uncomfortable dress shoes again. I do run and jog around in them, but will typically run barefoot or in my Vibrams. My shoes have stretched only minimally and are wearing on the bottom like normal. Thanks for your help with the many questions that I had. I am going on 18 months with these shoes. (Posted on 9/26/14)
Fell apart after only a year.Review by jlbraun
Would not buy again. Toe and heel stitching came apart. Too expensive for how long they lasted.

Note from Soft Star: Thanks Jlbraun for your feedback - we are sorry you are disappointed in the durability. For more information on how long you can expect a pair of Soft Stars to last compared to a traditional running shoe, please see this link:
(Posted on 9/6/14)
Feels GreatReview by Keith
I bought a pair a year ago with the lite leather upper and street sole. I have found them to be extremely comfortable and have great ground feel. I will order another pair soon. (Posted on 8/30/14)
wonderfulReview by tinyfeet
I finally bought a youth wide Dash with laces during the recent sale. They are nutmeg with honey and very cute. I have worn them alot since February, to work etc, so I fear they've gotten a bit beaten up already. I have some concerns, like a few spots where the sole is separating from the spongy layer, and the bottom of the leather at the spongy layer border, the brown leather has completely worn away. Should I have put some shoe protection on? I also found that the wide are too wide, although it was recommended. My feet do slip and slide a bit depending on the terrain.
Now for the good....I have very small odd feet with a wide high instep and wide toes. Barely size 34, so have grown up in poorly fitting shoes-if only my parents knew about Soft Star!! I've tried all types of shoes, always hurting, aching, ooohing and aching when going for walks. My toes are mangled, I had endless foot pain, and I noticed over the past few years that my arches have been falling. Standing all day at work on hard surfaces was torture. These shoes are so comfortable and wonderful! I have almost never had anything like them except a pair of zero heel wide boots that I wore out. My feet really do prefer zero heel and the shoes are so light, I am no longer dragging my feet around. I love them, they are so fun and I am sure my husband is relieved that I am not moaning and groaning every five minutes and in fact seem keen to go further! They are wonderful walking on everything except maybe big rocks where I have slipped a bit and the 5 mm sole is a bit clunky. I've walked all day on hard surfaces, gone for long long hikes in pacific northwest forest and beaches, stood all day at work. I have not really tried running, but I had to run in my phoenix boots the other day and that was fun.
I only wish I had more pairs of the dashes/bolts!
The plan is to get rid of, sell my wonderful but unwearable shoe collection and stock up on soft stars.
(Posted on 4/13/14)
Very comfortableReview by Mathieu
It´s all I want. I run and walk everyday with them. I feel great and when i put my old shoes I feel like on a trampoline.
I will buy others one in the future, for me and my family. (Posted on 1/23/14)
Quality Leather Gloves for my feet!Review by Dan V
I have been running in Soft Star Dashes for 3 years now - and while I do wear other brands depending on the trail, the Dash definitely are my go-to favorites. They are like a leather glove for my feet - ground feel is outstanding and definitely the closest feeling to barefoot of all my shoes. The craftsmanship is beautiful and the durability is better than I expected for running in a leather glove... I get 600-900 miles per pair before they start to wear down. I agree with other reviewers that they are not as durable as a synthetic traditional running shoe, but that is not what I am buying. I also do not agree that they stretch - I have had no troubles with this. On top of everything, the customer service is the best - real people who really care about their product. Elves, keep doing what you are doing! (Posted on 12/30/13)
Comfortable but not long lastingReview by JJBX
I have had three pairs of
the dashes now. I think that the shoes solve many problems not solved by competing minimalist shoes: for example
being made from natural materials, sourced in the US,
and looking good enough to be worn casually without too many raised eyebrows.

Moreover, the shoes are very comfortable and feel great when running when first taken from the box and after breaking in.

However, while suitable for light running or casual wear, these shoes are not suitable for serious running over a period as long as a season.

The material, gluing and stitching are not secure or strong enough
to withstand even the occasional scuff; a few toe scuffs are enough
to tear a hole in the toe, which is not satisfactory for any type
of running, even on relatively smooth roads in the city.

The second problem with these shoes is that even if one buys a size
below ones actual footsize, the shoes gradually stretch to the point at which one may no longer run in the pair.

Shrinking the leather by wetting the material and drying works
for a short period, but the shoes quickly stretch out again.

Why did I buy three pairs, you might ask? Because I support
the feel of the shoe and the fact that these are non-factory
made shoes. I would try an upgraded version which incorporates
a more secure stitching, strengthening around the toe area
and a solution to the stretching problem, for instance by
using a mixture of leather and a less malleable fabric,
for instance, on the middle of the upper, which
is most subject to stretching due to the motion of the foot.
Until this model is in stock, however, I will not continue
purchasing this shoe. (Posted on 12/28/13)
Don't change a thingReview by Lewis
I've had these a month now and absolutely love em. I have the 2mm sole. I'm a road runner logging in 50 to 55 miles a week, almost all barefoot. However I need something for the rough and gravelly section of the road I run on.
I've tried many "barefoot" style shoes: Five Fingers, Road and Trail Gloves, Hattori's and nothing compares to the Dash.
They weigh 5oz (size 9).
They have a naturally shaped toe box with plenty of room for your toes to splay out, not at all based on the traditional pointy foot manner.
Ground feel is superb.
And the soft inside of the leather feels luxurious.
I put Lock Laces on them so I can get them on and off quickly but I don't even cinch them. I just wear them loose and they're great, not sloppy feeling at all. And I would never do this with a traditional running shoe.
I have also run in these for 10+ miles at a time to let my feet recover from stepping on a rock while running barefoot and they still felt amazing. No chaffing, blistering, or hot spots, just pure comfort. They are not just for the short run.
I have to admit that my Dash's are making it hard to continue running barefoot because when I put them on, I don't want to take them off.
If you're a true barefoot runner, you will not find a better shoe.
Soft Star if you're listening, please do not redesign or change a thing! (Posted on 8/13/13)
I love these shoesReview by melissa
As the owner of two pairs of totally custom made mocs I was skeptical at first but had to give these a shot. I am not a runner in the least bit but that shouldn't stop you from getting these. I put them on right out of the box and honestly don't want to take them off. They are light and comfortable and yes my feet got an alive tingly feeling after walking in them. I would highly recommend these to anyone who cares about there feet. (Posted on 8/1/13)
over a year and I still love them!Review by Nanina
I've had my first pair of DASHes for over a year and they are still going strong. The sole doesn't have much traction (not that it ever did), but other than that, they wear very well. I pretty much haven't touched my five fingers since I got into SoftStar shoes and one of the distinct advantages is that they don't get nearly as smelly as my five fingers. I run w/o socks with these Dashes, although I do wear socks when I wear them for work. My five fingers got stinky quickly and none of the fixes -- letting them sit in the sun (yeah, right in Oregon!) or soaking and scrubbing them w/ denture cleaner -- resolved the problem. As long as I let my Dashes dry out properly, they're not stinky. (Posted on 4/8/13)
your petty actions will cost youReview by Larry
just because you don't post my honest review doesn't mean that will help your sales your product will speak for it self
your sales will let you know what customers think of your product
and your actions will let us customers know what kind of establishment your are running
I will never buy another pair of shoes from you no integrity having mother#######
#### your shoes and a very special #### you to you
have fun trying to sell your second hand, over priced piece of ####
I know I'll have a fun time laughing as I walk away in my new kso vibrams, which btw is more marketable (because it's a better and more well thought out idea) it's cheaper
can't beat that right? then hit that delete button and your whole shop will be gone, think about it, before you are in too deep =]

(Note from Elves: This review has been censored because of its graphic content. Please note all reviews are always published. The "Posted on" date is the date the review was submitted and automatically entered by our website, but the date it is published on the website is usually 1-3 weeks later when we go through a batch of them to filter spam or graphic content.)

(Posted on 3/16/13)
not natural for wide feetReview by Larry
I loved my first pair but that was when I wasn't fully aware of my feet.

But after running in them for many months I noticed pain in my first metatarsal.

I start to do some research and based off that, it seems like my feet are in the early stages of forming bunions (both my big toes are pointing inward)

As I become more aware, I have realized it is the tightness of the toe box on the shoes that is the problem.

Don't get me wrong, I stuffed my shoes when I first got them and they naturally stretch out after repeated use also. But my toes still feel tight.

I even ordered a new pair, one size bigger to accommodate this problem since I liked these shoes. But no such luck, still tight, even after repeated use.

The problem is the toe box. It is shaped in the traditional "pointy foot" manner which will restrain your smaller toes, curving them into the shape of the shoe over time.

do your research and you will see

this shoe does well in providing minimalist needs, but doesn't cater to the natural shape of the foot.

I wanted to avoid those 5 finger shoes when I first got into barefoot running but now I regret not starting with those from the some models are cheaper then what they got here.

so do your research before you buy this product.

(Posted on 3/8/13)
workReview by quick-k
simply the most comfortable business causal minimal shoe available

(Posted on 1/23/13)
AmazingReview by joplin
Really amazing shoes.

I got the 5mm trail sole, and it is great in the snow, it provides extra insulation. I was surprised at how warm my feet were.

I am really sick of brand name shoes with thick soles and heels that make you walk unnatural, these RunAmoc's are a breath of fresh air.

(Posted on 1/10/13)
showing signs of wearReview by barefoot mama
I love these shoes to no end. I wear them without socks and the leather feels deliciously smooth against my feet. It took about a week for them to mold to my feet and they keep getting better. I didn't find them all that attractive at first but as they molded to my foot they became cuter. My only concern is that I've had them less than 2 months and there's already a lot of chafing at the front of the shoe and I'm worried I'll wear holes in them fairly soon. I don't even wear them for running.

(Posted on 12/7/12)
Great running shoesReview by luciep
I am a women size 9 with skinny feet, so I bought the size 8U in narrow width with a trail sole. They fit perfectly. They could be a little bit tighter around the ankle, but at least I am not losing them. I use them for all my runs when I need to wear socks, on asphalt or on trails. They are warm (my feet are never cold when it is 30 degrees or less) and my feet stay dry. My only issue is that I don't have a good grip when running on muddy trails or on very wet asphalt. So I just use a different pair of shoes depending on the weather.

(Posted on 12/6/12)
Ready for snow and ice!Review by Paul
I have been running in the Moc3 since last spring and have nothing but good things to say about them. Looking ahead to winter, I wanted a minimalist shoe with more tread. I previously tried the original RunAmoc, but found them too sloppy a fit and ground through the outer heel. Today, tried out my new Dashes - great hold around heel and midfoot with space for toes to do their thing in front. The heel counter also seems stable enough to prevent rolling back onto leather. Between Moc3 and Dashes, got every season/every condition covered!

(Posted on 10/16/12)
Wonderful Shoe and CompanyReview by Catherine
First, my customer experience was first rate. I ordered these in 8 and it was too small. I called and talked with the Elves who were so helpful! I upgraded to an 8 1/2 and that has been great. I love the softness of these shoes and I love trail running in them. Pavement running has been a challenge even with the thicker sole but this may be an adjustment to barefoot running style. Would love to know what other runners experience is. Either way, I'm a fan for life.

(Posted on 6/7/12)
Love these shoes, but wear socks!Review by That One Guy
I use these shoes mostly as work shoes. I work a moderately physical job and I am on my feet the entire shift. However, I first used them without socks and began to find the smell unacceptable. I tried placing them in the freezer, which helped. Another trick I used was baking soda. I didn't clean all of it out and I went back to bare feet with some baking soda left in. After the sweat built up I noticed the inner sole ripping. I ended up tearing it out and now there is a slight hole on the side of the shoe. Beyond my experimental failures, the shoes are amazing and I plan to buy another pair. After walking 5 miles a day at 4 to 4.5 miles per hour my feet will hurt. This means my feet are getting a work out. If you want socially acceptable, highly functional barefoot shoes made in America, you can't beat these.

(Posted on 6/7/12)
Great but no gripReview by JH
I wear these shoes as school shoes and they are great
However I Have the street soles and They have lost their grip really quickly and are very slippery on our basketball court

Can anyone tell me if the trail soles keep their grip better?

(Posted on 5/2/12)
Great shoeReview by nyx
These shoes do everything they say they do and more. I got the street soles and love them. They give me great feedback and I find they improve my barefoot technique. (I still consider myself a beginner) I want to get the perforated leather ones for hotter days. *bows to the Soft Star elves* You guys make a great product. Thanks!

(Posted on 4/21/12)
great for work & funReview by Nanina
I originally got these as a work shoe -- they look ok w/ a suit -- not particularly stylish, but acceptable. They proved to be so super comfy that I decided to start running in them and they quickly replaced my Vibrams as my running shoe of choice. With the street sole you get incredible ground feel. I run on both streets and trails with these.

(Posted on 4/19/12)
IncredibleReview by Jonathan
I am very impressed with these shoes. These are my every day shoes both casual and formal.

I normally run in my Moc3 but today was wet. So I ran in these and they were great. They gave great ground feel (I was running in mud and on gravel) while keeping my feet dry.

Now that I have found soft star shoes I will be sticking with them in the future.

(Posted on 4/3/12)
love my soft starReview by dorie
No additional comments

(Posted on 3/10/12)

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To measure your feet:

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Adult Shoe Sizing Chart


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RunAmoc Comparison

Whether you need it for the trail, street, studio or workplace, we have the perfect RunAmoc for you!

Scroll down to compare shoe styles, sole options and leather:


RunAmoc Style Comparison






Original RunAmoc Brown Suede

green dash runamoc barefoot running shoe

blue moc3 barefoot running moccasin

Design Based on our moccasin design, but with a durable running sole and a lace around the ankle for secure closure. Our most popular shoe for both running and casual use! Front laces and back pattern provide stylish design and precise fit. A stretchy, slip-on moccasin designed to be as flexible and lightweight as possible. A running sock with the durability of a shoe!


Designed to fit loosely around the foot. Ideal for people who are accustomed to going barefoot and do not prefer a snug-fitting shoe. Spacious toe box allows toes to spread and is favored by people with very wide feet.

Front lacing system allows a snug, adjustable fit around instep. Ideal for people who prefer a fitted shoe with minimal slippage.

Depending on color choices, the Dash can easily pass as a casual, work or dress shoe.

Breathe-O-Prene technology hugs your foot from all sides. Very high level of groundfeel and barefoot-like movement. Can easily be packed into a small bag or tucked under a belt when not in use.


Adult Sizes 5U–15U+

Available in Regular, Narrow or Wide widths.

Half sizes available upon request.

Sizing Guide

Adult Sizes 5U–13U

Available in Regular, Narrow, Wide or Wide XL widths.

Half sizes available upon request.

Sizing Guide

Adult Sizes 5U–13U

Available in Regular width only.

Whole sizes only.

Sizing Guide


5.2–9.2 oz, depending on size, leather type and sole.

Contact us if you would like to know weight for a specific combination of attributes.

5.0–9.5 oz, depending on size, leather type and sole.

Contact us if you would like to know weight for a specific combination of attributes.

4–6 oz, depending on size.

Contact us if you would like to know weight for a specific size,

Sole Options

• 2mm Vibram™ Street Sole

• 5mm Vibram™ Trail Sole

• Tough Leather Sole

• 2mm Vibram™ Street Sole

• 5mm Vibram™ Trail Sole

• Tough Leather Sole

• 2mm Vibram™ Street Sole cut to minimal patterned footbed.

DYO Color Options Suede, smooth (full grain) or LITE (perforated) leather colors. Suede, smooth (full grain) or LITE (perforated) leather colors.

LITE perforated leather colors.


RunAmoc Sole Comparison


2mm Street

5mm Trail

Bullhide Leather


Street Sole Close UP

Trail Sole Close Up

Leather Sole Close Up

2mm Street Sole Pattern
5mm Trail Sole Pattern
Tough Leather Sole Pattern


Very high level of groundfeel. Our thinnest and lightest sole. Minimal space between feet and ground.

High level of groundfeel. Extra thickness adds durability. Tread pattern provides additional traction on rough surfaces.

Our most flexible sole. Slightly thicker than 2mm Street sole with similar durability. Pliable texture provides our highest level of groundfeel and most unrestricted foot movement.

All-natural leather material allows grounding conductivity (see earthing).


Perfect for running on smooth surfaces or for trail runners who have strengthened their feet to tolerate groundfeel of rough surfaces.

Ideal for trail runners and those who want barefoot movement with protection while running over rough surfaces, such as gravel or rocky paths. Also a favorite for street runners who prefer durability over maximum groundfeel.

Recommended for people new to minimalist running shoes.

A favorite for people who prefer to run or walk barefoot. Like the street sole, it is recommended to have feet strengthened for barefoot-style running before using this sole on rough or rocky terrain.

NOTE: this sole can become very slippery on smooth, wet surfaces.

Price No additional cost. No additional cost.




Leather Material Comparison



(full grain)

LITE (perforated)


Soft Star Suede Leather

Soft Star Smooth Leather

Soft Star LITE Leather

Look and Feel Soft and cozy. Matte appearance. Smooth and glossy. Underside is suede. Smooth, thin and light.
Pros & Cons


Pros: A favorite for its stylish look and extremely cozy feel.

Cons: Not water resistant, unless treated with a suede protector leathercare. Requires more effort to clean (we recommend a suede brush).

Pros: Naturally water resistant and easy to clean. Keeps feet warm and protected in cold, wet weather.

Cons: May cause feet to feel warm in hot climates, depending on your tolerance for heat/cold (still more breathable than most rubber or faux-leather shoes).

Pros: Lightweight, keeps feet cool and ventilated. A favorite for running in warm weather. Easy to clean.

Cons: Not water resistant... it has holes!


Our suede leather is a popular choice for casual everyday shoes that look and feel fantastic! Many people use it for athletic shoes as well, though it does require extra effort to keep dry and clean.

Smooth leather provides the most protection from the elements. A popular choice for protecting feet from cold or wet weather. Also gives a classy look for dressy or formal occasions.

While naturally somewhat water resistant, smooth leather can be made more waterproof with full grain leathercare.

Great for athletes wanting to keep feet ventilated and cool. This naturally lightweight material minimizes shoe weight to maximize performance. Although it is not water resistant, the thin, airy material dries quickly and is easy to clean.



In the fall of 2009, we noticed a sharp increase in calls from customers requesting modifications to our existing line of minimalist moccasins. We were surprised to learn that people weren't only wearing them around the house, but to run trails, marathons and even ultramarathons. With interest increasing in barefoot running, we began development of a barefoot running moccasin designed by and for runners.

Soft Star called on our online community of fans to solicit input on ideal features to design a new shoe designed specifically for runners that was light, ventilated and featured super thin and flexible running soles. Our fantastic customers submitted ideas, provided feedback on prototypes and ultimately voted on the name RunAmoc. Since the very successful launch of the Original RunAmoc, we have added the Dash and the Moc3 to the line. We hope you find these unique running shoes to be a benefit to your training routine and a treat for your feet!



Making the switch from traditional shoes to minimal shoes or barefoot running/walking should be done gradually with research and advice from healthcare professionals to prevent injury. It is not recommended to begin heavy running in minimalist/barefoot shoes until your feet have adapted properly. You will probably be tempted to just take off since they are FUN and you feel like a kid in them, but you may end up injuring yourself if you plunge into full speed without proper conditioning. There is a lot of great advice in the recommended reading about transitioning to a more minimal shoe. It is worth your time to do some research and find a training plan that works for you.

Our disclaimer: please remember that we are shoemakers, not doctors. Nothing we say or write should be taken as medical advice or replace advice from a medical professional.


Care Tips for Full Grain Leather Shoes


Soft Star Shoes are made from eco-friendly, tanned in USA leathers.  Leather is a natural product and some variation in texture and markings is to be expected.  Because we use natural food-grade dyes in our leather, there will likely be some initial color transference to your socks or skin if your shoes become damp - this will decrease with use but please don't wear your new Soft Stars with your favorite white socks the first time you take them for a spin. 

If your shoes are a little snug at first in the toe box area, you can gently stretch them by stuffing the toe box with a slightly damp rag.  Push the cloth tightly into the front of the shoe - don't worry, you cannot hurt it!  Let the shoes sit stuffed overnight to stretch.


The full grain leather we use is naturally water resistant. Clean as needed with water dampened rag and let air dry. Condition the leather as often as desired with any quality leather dressing, but take care to keep it away from the edges of your rubber soles.  Mink oil can degrade the adhesion on bonded soles and cause the sole to separate from your shoe over time. We highly recommend Bee Natural Amore for general conditioning or Rain & Snow on leather for enhanced water resistance. The color on shiny metallic shoes will eventually patina with use into an antique wear look - this can be accelerated with repeated use to water and high wear (e.g. scuffing toes).


You can use a damp cloth, or if needed you can hand wash your leather shoes using a gentle shampoo and cool water.  We don't recommend frequent washing of any leather product as it strips the leather of it's natural oils and tends to dry stiffer.

We are often asked if our shoes can be washed in a washing machine.  While not recommended as a normal course of action, when in dire straits the Elves have been known to toss a pair of shoes in the machine and generally have had good results - just don't mix them with any other item because of color bleeding, and do NOT put shoes the dryer.  Shoes with sheepskin can take 3-4 days to air dry if fully submerged in water - you can speed up the drying by stuffing with old newspapers and replacing the paper 2x a day. 



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