Custom Adult Metro

Our friend Merry Jane gets a boost of urbane sophistication. The Metro design features a clean and elegant appearance that is both casual-chic and classy on command!

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Cherry Sole (4mm Vibram rubber)  

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Need the classic versatility and practicality of a Merry Jane, but with the clean styling of something a bit more polished? Made with smooth, turned seams and heavenly smooth Sublime leather, the Metro gives you all the comfort and function of the original Merry Jane, but with lines that let it pair well with everything from jeans to cocktail attire. Its minimal, flexible design enables natural foot function for every social function, and the 4mm Vibram Cherry sole provides you with excellent traction and durability. Additionally, the Metro’s buckle-closure strap allows for an adjustable, customized fit. Waltz through the world in these society-savvy shoes!

  • Features 4mm Vibram Cherry sole.
  • Buckle closure for adjustable fit.
  • Add an accent color or pattern with stitched-on and cut-out motifs.
  • Custom shoes in like-new condition are fully returnable/exchangeable according to the terms of our return policy.
  • Handcrafted in USA from premium, responsibly-sourced leathers.

Want to step it up with a sheepskin innersole for this shoe? Click here!

Customer Reviews

Awesome, stylin' natural shoes Review by Tera
I'm loving my Softstar Metro shoes. I wear them all over and all the time. They make my feet very happy with plenty of healthy room for my feet to do what they should. I've received many compliments on them and they are the most versatile, stylin' minimal shoes I've had or seen. Love them and will be shopping later for a winter option. (Posted on 7/10/17)
Favourite Shoes EVER Review by Kyeren
I love my Metro shoes. I alternate between my two pairs and will definitely buy more. They are super comfy, almost weightless, ground-hugging and so pretty. I can wear them to a wedding, or to the beach, even go hiking, seriously, they are really durable and easy to clean. I only wish there were more colour options. I understand that because of the design they need a thinner leather, but I hope the Soft Star Elves will track down more colours! (Posted on 7/1/17)
Very comfortable Review by Stacy
I ordered a custom pair of these because I usually have a hard time finding wide width shoes. Love them. They are well made and very comfortable. (Posted on 5/21/17)
Amazing fit Review by Bridge
I'm in love with my Metros! I feel super lucky to have found them at deep discount during the end of season sale. I had been working with the elves on how to get a shoe in 4U narrow and it seemed like this style would be the best for work and dressing up. But, I was overwhelmed with my choices! So I postponed until I saw the sale and lo and behold a great neutral shiny pair in bronze. I've walked in the woods, climbed logs, and worked all day in these. They were a bit snug at first, but after a week of wearing them, they fit perfectly. They are perfectly dressy for the office or going somewhere nice (at least in the PNW). Now, I'm saving up for a pair of RunAmocs for hiking and more casual wear. (Posted on 5/5/17)
New Favorite Review by Melissa
I have two pairs of Merry Janes, one that I purchased at a clearance sale a few years ago, and one that I designed myself. I always wanted to try these because I felt that they looked a little dressier than the Merry Janes, but I didn't want to spend the extra money for a custom pair. I found a pair in the clearance sale this year and snapped them up. Now I wish I'd gone with these from the start. I REALLY like they way these look without the exposed stitching on the outside, and they are of course super comfortable. I have 5 pairs of Soft Stars now, and I also own other minimalist shoes as well as regular non-minimalist shoes, and Soft Stars are my favorite. I had really bad plantar fasciitis and by wearing mainly SS it has disappeared. I love how some of the newer styles (i.e. chukka) look more like traditional shoes so I can wear them without sticking out like a sore thumb, and of course being handmade in the USA is a huge selling point. The Elves are amazing if you have questions or issues, and I couldn't be happier with the customer service. I will be buying these again. I wish more colors were offered! (Posted on 4/21/17)
I'll buy more colors Review by Erica
Well, it took a few emails to the elves and a returned pair of regular Merry Janes to finally figure out I wear a 9U Narrow in this shoe. My feet are sort of in-between the 9 and 10 sizes. I adore these shoes, and got them in the blaze red. No one has ever noticed my Soft Stars at work before, but now I've had at least 2 people tell me how much they like them. I want many more pairs in different colors! (BTW, I ordered this 9U Narrow in the Dash Runamocs and would order a 10U next time. The Runamocs fit very snugly. I could not wear the 9U Narrow in the regular Merry Janes. (Posted on 4/18/17)
I can slide into and out of them with a perfect fit. Review by FamHaynes
I love the additional cork flower I ordered. The comfort is exceptional. I will definitely buy from this store again. Love the sheepskin inserts. (Posted on 1/20/17)
This shoe is just as they say - feels like one is barefoot. I dare anyone to return to wearing normative shoewear after having tried the Metro. Is this shoe to be discontinued??

Please DO NOT stop making this shoe! I love it for two reasons: ( I bought it with the bull's hide leather sole) It is ALL NATURAL - natural body, natural sole, natural lining - unlike some of your other shoes that I have, it does not have a nasty chemical smell in the sole from the rubber or adhesive?? That is unhealthy and I wish you did not use those chemicals.

The other reason I love it, of course , is the unparalleled comfort and softness.

The bull's hide leather sole lasts a VERY long time!!
Very pleased. (Posted on 1/5/17)
Runs bigger than ballerines Review by Barb
Very comfortable. I ordered the same size as the ballerines but after wearing these for a month they stretched out and now are too loose. Realized now they are an inch longer than the ballerines.
(Posted on 12/31/16)
Best Shoes Ever! Review by vwy
these are my first soft star shoes, and I will probably not go back to "normal" shoes. Huge difference. I got the bull hide leather soles and would definitely recommend that you specifically ask for that, as I don't think they will make them with leather soles unless you request it for the metro shoes. if you want to be grounded, which you do if you sit by a computer a lot, you should get leather soles. very comfortable shoes that do not squeeze your foot anywhere. love 'em! (Posted on 11/15/16)
Great shoes! Review by Carson
They fit beautifully from the moment I put them on. They are extremely easy to scuff, but worth the trouble to make look nice again! I do wish I could have gotten them in bullhide leather, but I miss the boat on that one. (Posted on 11/3/16)
If I'm not barefoot, I'm wearing Soft Star Shoes! Review by fountainofyouthtv
I can't say enough about every pair of Soft Star Shoes that I own! If I'm not barefoot, I'm wearing Soft Star Shoes! The following link will take you to an extensive review I wrote about my experiences with Soft Star Shoes and this incredible company! (Posted on 10/22/16)
Lives up to name Review by Jliu
After various emails and overseas calls I finally received my shoes in right size. I'd say the measuring table is more accurate than following the shoe size, I'm us 8.5 but the 8U wide was way too big. Shoes are super comfortable especially if you have bunions etc. I will consider getting a thicker shoe sole on my next purchase! (Posted on 10/13/16)
So comfortable! Review by KAWR
I had been wanting to try Softstar shoes myself after buying Ramblers and Roos for my son, and these shoes are so comfortable! I got stone and it's a very neutral brown/gray color that goes with everything. I consider it a casual shoe - great with anything including jeans or casual skirts and dresses. My work wardrobe is too dressy for this shoe but I'd like to try the ballerine next to wear to work. The innersoles are extremely comfortable and the leather feels amazing. Curious to see how the leather holds up over time - so far so good. (Posted on 10/8/16)
Super comfortable but Deep Blue Sea is not navy Review by trailrunner
I just received my custom Metros in Deep Blue Sea. They are very comfortable (and a full size down from my Sport Ballerines). They have plenty of room for my feet to spread out (though you can see a little bump from my big toe through the top of the leather, but I have huge big toes :)). My one disappointment was that I ordered Deep Blue Sea based on the color on my computer screen and thought it would be a deep navy color, but alas it is not very dark and it doesn't match my navy clothing that I got it to go with. I am considering buying some dye to darken them. (Posted on 7/24/16)
Super comfortable !! Review by Tall Alberta Teacher
I put my new metro's on as soon as I got them. By the end of that day I had almost forgotten I even had shoes on. I have worn them everyday since then, and absolutely love them! They are very comfortable, super light, and go well with any kind of outfit. I got the cherry rubber sole, and I am very happy with it. It is flexible enough to be comfortable, but has enough grip to feel safe walking on cement floors. I feel like i am not even wearing shoes!! I have large feet, and often find it hard to find shoes that fit right. These were truly made for my feet. I have, and will continue to recommend Soft Star shoes to all of my friends. A lady in the grocery store stopped me and asked where I got them. I was very happy to tell her!
(Posted on 5/31/16)
Wonderful! Review by LeeLee
I started my journey with 5 finger shoes a year ago and found Soft Star after my foot grew a whole size. AMAZING comfort. I live in New Mexico and we don't get too much rain here so the bullhide was perfect for me. They are like slippers and so soft on my feet. They feel like my foot and I love the connectivity to the ground. Switching all my kids from 5 fingers to Soft Star! Styles are so much cuter for girls too! (Posted on 5/12/16)
you won't be disappointed. Review by buytheseshoesnow
These are absolutely my go-to shoes. I got them in a nude color and therefore, match anything. I'm required to wear closed-toe shoes sometimes at work. They are perfect for being on your feet for hours. Thank you for making fantastic shoes and please don't ever stop making them. (Posted on 4/14/16)
Even better than I expected! Review by Teresa
They tend to be more snug than the non-turned shoes such as the Merry Jane, so aware of how they will be worn when you size them. I use my Merry Janes as work shoes with thin socks and they are perfect. The same size of Metro is definitely more snug and if I were going to wear them with socks I would order WIDE or a size larger than the Merry Jane. When they arrived I saw immediately that they would be more snug on my feet than the Merry Janes I bought a few months ago. I put them on at work with socks to make sure I could stretch them out. They definitely were snug, and with thin socks they were uncomfortably tight on my larger foot, but by the end of the day they were snug but more tolerable. Since I bought them to wear with dresses and will be wearing them with no socks or with tights, they are now absolutely perfect! I sit here with my bare feet in them right now and they are some HAPPY FEET!!! (Posted on 2/21/16)
Not my favorites Review by Fan of Soft Stars
My first pair of SS were Ramblers worn everyday and since worn out, over 6 years ago.

I love the ballet flats and the sandals (ordered a size smaller in those and they were perfect).

I wouldn't order these again. First, as some note, they are strange looking in the toe and I bought them to wear as a dress shoe to work.

These are *constantly* getting things in the shoe. I believe due to how low the front and back of the shoe meet in the inner part of the shoe. (There's also a similar design in the Mary Jane's which I would love to try but am afraid to for this very reason).

I also got the leather soles and didn't realize it gets slippery when wet (my bad since it states this specifically). I was in a parking lot in light rain and I slipped and was afraid to keep walking.

I'm back again to SS to try the Dash (a second time - first time didn't like the toe constraint but am willing to have leather stretch now).

My daughter has several pairs as well. They are the healthiest shoes for developing feet, and for adults who want to redevelop their feet.

This is from an orthotics wearer as a teenage due to overpronated, flat feet. I have no issues with my legs or feet as a minimalist foot fanatic.

SS and their Elves are the best. (Posted on 2/11/16)
Your all-leather shoes make me Happy! Review by Jeanine
I LOVE my DYO Adult Metro all-leather shoes!

They are soooo comfy (feel as comfortable as slippers) and beautifully grounding.

They make me happy!

And your elves are such a delight.
Thank you so much! (Posted on 2/2/16)
Great shoe Review by OKathy
This style is quite comfortable both with and without socks. The metro has a casual look but is also fashionable enough to wear with a skirt and would fit it with most office environments too. I'm so glad I discovered Soft Star shoes this year. I'm 65 years old and have just got turned on to minimalist shoes this year! My feet have never been so happy.
I thought I should order a wide pair as there are so few women's shoes that have a wide enough toe box for me. I was surprised to find the wide was way too wide for me. It was an easy exchange to the regular width - as others have commented, this company is a "star" in customer service too. (Posted on 12/10/15)
Ah-mazing Review by Michelle from Canada
I am in love. They are even softer, prettier and more comfortable than I imagined. I get compliments on them everywhere I go. I wear them to work everyday. (Posted on 11/12/15)
Crazy In Love Review by Kate
So I was on the hunt for a good, cute, minimalist shoe to bring on my three month Europe adventure. And boy did I find them!! These Mary Janes are so wonderful, I've gotten so many compliments on them and they are so comfortable, like I'm barefoot! The chocolate color is beautiful too, it goes with everything. Defiantly going to get another pair/color in the coming months. Customer for life :) (Posted on 9/13/15)
Soft Star Metros are fantastic! Review by Becky
I became interested in minimalist shoes back in April. I started wearing minimalist sneakers, but couldn't find any shoes I could wear to work. I was very excited to find Soft Star shoes online. I followed the directions for choosing the proper size, and chose the metro shoes. I've been wearing them for about a month, and I love them! They are so comfortable and they are attractive too! I've gotten lots of compliments on them. I've been wearing them without socks, and they look good with casual summer dresses and skirts. I've walked miles in them in perfect comfort. I like them so much that I just ordered a pair of Merry Janes. Thank you Soft Star elves! My feet are healthier and happier at work thanks to you, and they look cute too. (Posted on 8/30/15)
Soft Star Metros are fantastic! Review by Becky
I became interested in minimalist shoes back in April. I started wearing minimalist sneakers, but couldn't find any shoes I could wear to work. I was very excited to find Soft Star shoes online. I followed the directions for choosing the proper size, and chose the metro shoes. I've been wearing them for about a month, and I love them! They are so comfortable and they are attractive too! I've gotten lots of compliments on them. I've been wearing them without socks, and they look good with casual summer dresses and skirts. I've walked miles in them in perfect comfort. I like them so much that I just ordered a pair of Merry Janes. Thank you Soft Star elves! My feet are healthier and happier at work thanks to you, and they look cute too. (Posted on 8/12/15)
I love them Review by JK
These shoes took me a while to learn a new way of walking. They are just as thought-free as barefoot, but without the pain of stepping on something. I may feel as if I am going to class and to the store in slippers, but others never have noticed them as being different. They look much less clunky on than in the photos. (Posted on 8/11/15)
Best Shoes Ever Review by Jessica
These shoes are amazing. I've been wearing minimal running shoes for several years, but I'd never been able to find any good minimal shoes to wear to work. I kept getting weird pains and injuries from my work shoes (PF, achilles problems, hip soreness) and these were the solution! I walk about 1-2 miles for my work commute, and these shoes are perfect. No problems with sweating, warm enough on cool days, and absolutely zero blister problems. My toes have plenty of room, and while the silhouette looked a little weird to me the first day, it looks fine to everyone else, and I've actually had people remark about how cute my shoes are. I work as a school librarian, and these blend in just fine.

Plus, there's excellent customer service backing these up! Upon receiving my first pair of shoes, I realized I needed a narrow, and they took them back and got me a new pair within a week.

(Posted on 4/13/15)
Excellent Shoes!! Review by echoecho
I was looking for a shoe that was barefoot style, yet stylish enough to wear with my non tennis shoe outfits. These are just that. They fit perfect out of the box, no break in time needed. I have no pain with all day wear. They are beautifully crafted with a roomy and very comfortable toe box. The interior seam gives them such a fashionable look. Also, the customer service here is unrivaled. The elves were patient, friendly, and helpful all throughout! I'll definitely be buying from here again in the future. (Posted on 3/18/15)
Nice shoes Review by
I have worn these multiple times a week for over a year now and they have not fallen apart. Some of the inside leather has come off and the edges look worn. They look very good considering I've travelled around Europe, climbed rocks, walked in a lot of rain and snow (with socks), and even welded in them. I wear them in any season. I would recommend them to anyone-especially the dark purple color. (Posted on 2/21/15)
Best shoes ever! Review by Michelle
I just got these shoes today and I am thrilled with them! I find most shoes uncomfortable and always take shoes off when I'm home. When I put these on, I didn't want to take them off though! The leather feels really soft and luxurious. I can understand how another reviewer fell asleep wearing these shoes. I got the bullhide leather sole, and it feels just as good as I'd hoped. These are as comfortable as a good slipper, but they look really cute too. Also, I recently bought Correct Toes from another website but didn't have any shoes I could wear them with. I ended up ordering two other shoes from different companies and am returning them because they are not comfortable, but these Metros are just what I was looking for! Furthermore, the elves made the shoes really fast and also called me the moment I placed the order because I made a mistake describing the colors I wanted. I am extremely pleased with both he quality of the work and the customer service. Now I just can't wait to order more once I save up some more money. (Posted on 4/12/14)
better than ever Review by Elf-lover
I have a pair of the original Merry Jane Metro and now on of the new slimmed-down versions, this time with a leather sole. They are amazing! Perfect! The new cut is much more flattering on, although I like the originals quite well, and with the leather sole they are like wearing socks, but less slippery. (Posted on 11/5/13)
Barefoot wonder Review by Hannah
I recently purchased my first pair of soft stars, I got the DIY merry jane metros with the leather soles. My feet have never felt better! I have 'flat feet' and work doesn't feel like I'm at work anymore. I was skeptical about spending the money for shoes I have never tried before but I am so glad I did! I am building muscle in my ankles and toes which I never thought was possible. These are so comfortable and I almost don't want to take them off. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you Elves for making these wonderful shoes. (Posted on 9/26/13)
I'm In LOVE Review by Gerri
So I learned about Soft Star shoes on the Barefoot Running Movie... I looked them up on line and saw the Merry Jane Metro. I decided to design my own. I received them on Wednesday and decided to wear them to work on Friday. They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn in my life! I work in a large office where comfortable shoes are a must. I found these shoes to be perfect with my business casual attire. I opted for the tough leather soles which actually give you a lot more traction than I originally anticipated. My family really likes them a lot also, and a few of my family members have decided to design their own leather soled shoes also. I plan on purchasing another pair of the black Merry Jane Metros very soon. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone who is looking for a comfortable classy way to go 'barefoot' and be connected to the earth. Truly the best shoes I have EVER purchased!!! (Posted on 6/16/13)
Great shoes but still not dressy enough. Review by barefootjunkie
I purchased some of these hoping they would work as a dressier option to go with suits or skirts. I usually can wear whatever I want at work and go around in my VFF's, my Roos, or my Ramblers, but it is not so acceptable at court or in meetings! I DYO's a smooth black pair with a buckle.

Unfortunately, while they were super comfortable, they were very wide at the forefoot and gave me the look of duck feet. They still looked a bit too much like slippers (like, say, my Roos) to pass outside of that casual wear use into more professional wear. While the originals are also casual, their construction means they don't give that floppy forefoot look that the Metro's do.

On the plus side, they were very comfortable and had plenty of room for a sheepskin insole (which I love!). Lots of room for my toes to splay out fully. The leather, stitching and construction was high quality. The cherry rubber sole surprised me as it was quite a bit heavier than their other soles, more so than I would normally like, but it was clearly very durable and would last likely much longer than their regular Merry Jane sole or tough leather soles would. Really grippy too!

I did end up sending them back as they were not what I was looking for at this time and they are quite expensive for a shoe that did not satisfy an opening in my shoe closet, but I can see buying them again in the future to add to my already plentiful barefoot/minimalist casual shoe wardrobe as they really were quite comfortable!

(Posted on 3/27/13)

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Smooth Leathers
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 NOVA White Leather NOVA White
 NOVA Black Leather NOVA Black
 NOVA Slate Leather NOVA Slate
 NOVA Chocolate Leather NOVA Chocolate
 NOVA Nutmeg Leather NOVA Nutmeg
 NOVA Red Leather NOVA Red
 NOVA Flamingo Leather NOVA Flamingo
 NOVA Orange Leather NOVA Orange
 NOVA Yellow Leather NOVA Yellow
 NOVA Capers Leather NOVA Capers
 NOVA Grass Green Leather NOVA Grass Green
 NOVA Peacock Leather NOVA Peacock
 NOVA Turquoise Leather NOVA Turquoise
 NOVA Cerulean Leather NOVA Cerulean
 NOVA Ocean Leather NOVA Ocean
 NOVA Purple Leather NOVA Purple
 SUBLIME Flint Leather SUBLIME Flint
 SUBLIME Black Leather SUBLIME Black
 SUBLIME Chocolate Leather SUBLIME Chocolate
 SUBLIME Sienna Leather SUBLIME Sienna
 SUBLIME Hazelnut Leather SUBLIME Hazelnut
 SUBLIME Latte Leather SUBLIME Latte
 SUBLIME Cream Leather SUBLIME Cream
 SUBLIME Eggshell Leather SUBLIME Eggshell
 SUBLIME Oxblood Leather SUBLIME Oxblood
 SUBLIME Hot Pink Leather SUBLIME Hot Pink
Sublime Blaze Leather SUBLIME Blaze
 SUBLIME Tangerine Leather SUBLIME Tangerine
 SUBLIME Sunflower Leather SUBLIME Sunflower
Sublime Avocado Leather SUBLIME Avocado
 SUBLIME Olive Leather SUBLIME Olive
 SUBLIME Fern Leather SUBLIME Fern
 SUBLIME Pacific Leather SUBLIME Pacific
 SUBLIME Deep Blue Sea SUBLIME Deep Blue Sea
 SUBLIME Azure Leather SUBLIME Azure
 SUBLIME Sky Blue Leather SUBLIME Sky Blue
 SUBLIME Fuchsia Leather SUBLIME Fuchsia
 SUBLIME Purple Leather SUBLIME Purple
 Elk Leather Wildharvested Elk
 SMOOTH Aged Black Leather AGED Aged Black
 SMOOTH Aged Walnut Leather AGED Walnut
 SMOOTH Aged Whiskey Leather AGED Whiskey
 Green Cork with Gold Speckles Green Cork with Gold Speckles
veggie-thunderhead VEGETABLE TANNED Thunderhead
 SHINY Platinum Leather SHINY Platinum
 SHINY Gold Leather SHINY Gold
 SHINY Pewter Leather SHINY Pewter
 SHINY Ruby Leather SHINY Ruby
 SHINY Rose Leather SHINY Rose
 SHINY Royal Leather SHINY Royal

Plonge Leathers

 White Leather PLONGE White
 Plonge Graphite PLONGE Graphite
 Black Leather PLONGE Black
 Dark Hazelnut Leather PLONGE Dark Hazelnut
 Dark Hazelnut Leather PLONGE Taupe
 Tan Leather PLONGE Tan
 Plonge Pearl PLONGE Pearl
 Fuchsia Leather PLONGE Red
 Fuchsia Leather PLONGE Fuchsia
 Pink Leather PLONGE Pink
 Mint Leather PLONGE Mint
 Lime Leather PLONGE Lime
 Plonge Kelp PLONGE Kelp
 Plonge Turquoise PLONGE Turquoise
Plonge Teal PLONGE Teal
 Royal Blue Leather PLONGE Royal Blue
 Robin Egg Blue Leather PLONGE Robin Egg Blue
Plonge Purple PLONGE Purple
 Lavender Leather PLONGE Lavender
Dark Cedar Leather RUSTIC Dark Cedar
Light Cedar Leather RUSTIC Light Cedar
Plonge Rustic Crimson RUSTIC Crimson

Suede Leathers

 SUEDE Black Leather SUEDE Black
 SUEDE Chocolate Leather SUEDE Chocolate
 SUEDE Honey Leather SUEDE Honey
 SUEDE Tan Leather SUEDE Tan
suede-sand-swatch SUEDE Sand*
 SUEDE Burgundy Leather SUEDE Burgundy
 SUEDE Red Leather SUEDE Red
 SUEDE Watermelon Leather SUEDE Watermelon
 SUEDE Pink Leather SUEDE Pink
 SUEDE Orange Leather SUEDE Orange
 SUEDE Mustard Leather SUEDE Mustard
 SUEDE Forest Green Leather SUEDE Forest Green
 SUEDE Moss Leather SUEDE Moss
 SUEDE Emerald Leather SUEDE Emerald
 SUEDE Navy Leather SUEDE Navy
 SUEDE Royal Leather SUEDE Royal
 SUEDE Medium Blue Leather SUEDE Medium Blue
 SUEDE Turquoise Leather SUEDE Turquoise
 SUEDE Purple Leather SUEDE Purple
 SUEDE Fuchsia Leather SUEDE Fuchsia
 SUEDE Lavender Leather SUEDE Lavender
 SUEDE Zebra Leather SUEDE Zebra

*These colors are only available
for adult Roo moccasins.

NUBUCK Leathers 

NUBUCK Pebble Leather NUBUCK Pebble

LITE Leathers

 LITE White Leather LITE White
 LITE Black Leather LITE Black
 LITE Chocolate Leather LITE Chocolate
 LITE Tangerine Leather LITE Tangerine
 LITE Lime Leather LITE Lime
 LITE Turquoise Leather LITE Turquoise

(animal-free material)

 ULTRASUEDE Royal Blue Leather ULTRASUEDE Royal Blue


Elastic/Sport Closures
(fabric, not leather)

 White Elastic White
 Black Elastic Black
 Brown Elastic Brown
 Beige Elastic Beige
 Red Elastic Red
 Fuchsia Elastic Fuchsia
 Gold Elastic Gold
 Royal Blue Elastic Royal Blue
 Purple Elastic Purple


Discontinued Leathers

These colors are no longer available for new shoes, but you may find them among our pre-made Sole Mate shoes or clearance sale items.
nova-lilac-swatch NOVA Lilac
Sublime Stone Leather SUBLIME Stone
sublime-brandy-swatch SUBLIME Brandy
sublime-cannon-swatch SUBLIME Cannon
sublime-flame-swatch SUBLIME Flame
Sublime Terracotta Leather SUBLIME Terracotta
sublime-lime-swatch SUBLIME Lime
sublime-sage-swatch SUBLIME Sage
 SUBLIME Lavender Leather SUBLIME Lavender
 SMOOTH Aged Oak Leather AGED Oak
 Cork Leather Cork (with Gold Speckles)
veggie-dune-swatch VEGETABLE TAN Dune
veggie-chianti VEGETABLE TAN Chianti
veggie-rose-quartz VEGETABLE TAN Rose Quartz
veggie-olive-swatch VEGETABLE TAN Olive
veggie-eggplant VEGETABLE TAN Eggplant
veggie-grey-plum-swatch VEGETABLE TAN Grey Plum
veggie-waikiki VEGETABLE TAN Waikiki
shiny-sapphire-swatch SHINY Sapphire
shiny-violet SHINY Violet
 SUEDE Grey Leather SUEDE Grey
suede-toast-leather SUEDE Toast
suede-wheat-leather SUEDE Wheat
 SUEDE Black with Glossy White Stars Leather SUEDE Black with Stars
 SUEDE Cream with Shiny Gold Stars Leather SUEDE Cream with Gold Stars
 LITE Blue Leather LITE Blue
 ULTRASUEDE Ginger Snap Leather ULTRASUEDE Ginger Snap


Nova, Sublime, Plonge... What's the Difference?

  • Smooth NOVA: A durable leather that is slightly stiffer than our other smooth leather options. Used for shoes that need the extra stiffness for proper support. This includes most of our shoes that are stitched directly to the sole, such as our Classics, Sandals, Ramblers and Merry Janes. Texture appearance looks the same as our Sublime and Vegetable Tanned leathers (though grain size can vary throughout every hide).

  • Smooth SUBLIME: A durable smooth leather that is softer than Nova. We use this leather for our "turned" shoes (those that are made inside-out and then turned so the seams are on the inside) because the softer texture wraps around the foot well for a cozy fit. Used for our Roo moccasins, Metros, Dash RunAmocs and Original RunAmocs. Texture appearance looks the same as our Nova and Vegetable Tanned leathers (though grain size can vary throughout every hide).

  • Cork: A very thin fabric lined with cork and gold speckles. This thin material is only available for decorative parts of certain custom shoes, such as Dash RunAmoc sides or Ballerine heels.

  • Smooth Aged Leather: This soft leather has been distressed to give it a rustic look. It is used to make our Rogue shoes and select parts of our other custom shoes.Please note: aged leather peels easily when scuffed.

  • Vegetable-Tanned Leather: The only leather we import from Europe, due to it's highly sustainable properties. While all of our leather meets our sustainable standards (all of our leather is tanned without formaldehyde and colored with non-toxic food grade dye), this leather goes a step further with a purely vegetable-based tanning process using only grass-fed cows raised on controlled sustainable pastures in Germany's Bavarian Alps. Preferred by people with extreme chemical sensitivity. Due to it's high cost, there is an extra surcharge for use of vegetable-tanned leather in custom shoes. Texture appearance looks similar to Nova and Sublime leathers. Please note this "naked" leather is likely to show cosmetic flaws and stains easily, even with just water.

  • Shiny Leather: Smooth leather dyed with a glossy finish to give a shiny reflective look. Available for most of our custom shoes that are made from either Nova or Sublime leather. Please note that shiny leather will dull with wear. Here's an example of Shiny Gold toddler moccasins worn for several weeks:


  • Plonge Leather: The softest and lightest leather we could find! Since it is so thin and buttery soft, plonge leather works great for our baby Buttercup moccasins and the decorative trim on our adult Ballerine flats and is only used for these two styles.

  • Suede Leather: Leather made from the lower layers of a hide to give a soft cloth-like texture. Available for most of our moccasins and RunAmocs. Suede colors marked above with an asterisk (*) are only available for adult Roo moccasins, which require a thicker grade of leather.

  • NUBUCK Leather: A top-grain bovine leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, or outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibers, producing a velvet-like surface. Nubuck is unique because it has the durability of a top-grain leather with a soft touch that feels similar to a suede leather.

  • LITE Leather: A thin smooth leather covered in perforation holes. Great for giving your shoes extra ventilation, and a favorite for runners in hot climates. Used for our RunAmocs and Ballerines.

  • Vegan Ultrasuede Leather: A synthetic animal-free material with a texture similar to suede. Used to make our vegan shoes.

Care Tips for Full Grain Leather Shoes


Soft Star Shoes are made from eco-friendly leathers tanned in the USA. Leather is a natural product and some variation in texture and hide markings is to be expected. Because we use leather colored with non-toxic food grade dyes, there will likely be some initial color transfer to your socks or skin if your shoes become damp. This will decrease with use, but we don't recommend wearing your new Soft Stars with your favorite white socks the first time you take them for a spin. 


If your shoes are a little snug at first in the toe box area, you can gently stretch them by stuffing the toe box with a dry cloth. Push the cloth tightly into the front of the shoe and let sit stuffed overnight to stretch. Do not use a damp cloth as the water can stain the leather or innersole of some leather types, rendering it non-returnable.



Most full grain leather we use is naturally water resistant, but our special vegetable-tanned leather (available only by custom selection on some of our design-your-own shoes) is a "naked" leather and will stain from water alone. You can clean shoes as needed with water dampened cloth and let air dry, but please note if you do this on vegetable-tanned leather then you will need to wet/stain the entire shoe to avoid water marks. Condition the leather as often as desired with any quality leather dressing, but be careful to keep it away from the edges of your rubber soles. Do not use mink oil on your shoes, as it can degrade the adhesion on bonded soles and cause the sole to separate from your shoe over time. We highly recommend Bee Natural Amore for general conditioning or Rain & Snow on leather for enhanced water resistance. The color on shiny metallic shoes will eventually patina with use into an antique wear look, which can be accelerated with repeated use to water and high wear (e.g. scuffing toes).



We do not recommend frequent washing of any leather product as it strips the leather of it's natural oils and tends to dry stiffer. For all of our leathers (except vegetable-tanned) you can clean by hand with a damp cloth, or if needed you can hand wash your leather shoes using a gentle shampoo and cool water. Let them air dry. Do not attempt to dry your shoes by exposing them to high heat, such as a clothes dryer, a hair dryer or by leaving them on a radiator or next to a fire. Doing so may damage leather or rubber soles.


We are often asked if our shoes can be washed in a washing machine. While not recommended as a normal course of action, when in dire straits the Elves have been known to toss a pair of shoes in the machine and generally have had good results. Just don't mix them with any other item because of color bleeding. Shoes with sheepskin can take 3-4 days to air dry if fully submerged in water, but you can speed up the drying by stuffing with old newspapers and replacing the paper twice a day.